2 turrets out at ones

Anyone seen this before??

very interesting
and for the 20 characters


All I see is castellan running and his turret chillin in a bubble shield. What’s to see exactly? If it were 2 turrets they’d have 2 laser beams.

Yeah I’m only seeing one turret here?

It’s a glitch obviously

I see two turrets. flatline is probably able to revive them, which is kinda awesome tbh

Still sounds like a bug to me

I think it’s much more likely that Castellan summoned a turret and then died and was revived. Once he came back, the game may have no longer associated his first turret with the ‘new’ castellan, resulting in being able to summon a fresh one. Definitely a curious bug regardless.


Yea i was thinking that much caught me off guard tho