Castellian is broken

Okey. First you buff his shield skill. And this turn him in broken character. Shield is too strong and don’t have any timers. This is ridiculous. Endless 1 million shield.

Now you add for him second turret. With endless broken shield from first skill and shield system wheh full health turret give to Castellian extra shields he became almost unbeatable. Especially when your team have many energy heroes.

How about add timer to shield from first skill? How about remove rockets and extra shields for Castellian if player decide put second turret? This will be fair and pretty balance. Or you have one turret anf few nice extra bonus or you have two turret with more damage but without extra bonus.


What about if castellan can only build one thing at a time? Like only one super turret, or one strong shield, but not both
Or castellan can build unlimited turrets but no rockets

I have never had a problem with castellian, infact I’d say he is easier to beat now as the AI goes for 2 turrets instead of 1 so no rockets. The simple solution is just use ronin or kuno and bam the castle has fallen :joy:


Right, my 9stars 5strip Cast got killed quite often, lol.

I don’t have any problems with something = No one have problems with something. It’s a brilliant logic, lol.

You completely forgot about minmaxers.

I create this post after see how many people in my language cluster have problems with him. Btw, Ronin and Kuno have problems with Castellian too. Castellian with rocket turrets easy beat whole team. If him support Halo and another shielder things became more worser.

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You never mentioned min makers? We are talking about castellian alone as a hero for pvp. You can claim any hero is broken in the light of minmaxing, as I just explained as well the ai goes for 2 turrets unless controlled so rockets are less of a threat now, you have to be strategic with who you use to beat him. High dps heros never have a problem with him, he is tanky so leave him for last and take out the enemy dps first. No team is unbeatable you just have to adjust your strategy before the game starts


I have to disagree. Especially with Ronin. Just shoot his turret until it focuses on you and then use Ronins shield, his turrets work against him. I run a suicide team, no healers outside of flat and never had a problem, I usually kill him last. If you are using a heavy heal and shield team then yes it would be an issue but that’s the give and take. Panzer mows him down np, Dog and Kuno also. Even odachi will kill him quick once you get him past 50%. JMO from what I’ve seen anyway.


I don’t think any characters are broken per se. It’s only broken when there’s a min-maxer to the extreme, ie., 10 star 5 bar with a team of shielder and healer. To date, I have yet to see a good recommendation to minimize this short of people just playing the draft pvp.

Yeah his Gold becomes broken when he has two turrets out and almost definitely one of them will be at full health to grant him endless armor.

His Gold was already broken before, activating endlessly every few seconds (the vague skill description fails to say this), to make him nigh untouchable especially with a second shielder to rotate with his and the support’s shield, until the turret is taken care, of but at least there was only one turret to destroy to disrupt it and he couldn’t charge while having it out.

@Gale Since when did having 2 turrets out affect anything? Rockets are not dependent on that…

Actually, when you release the first turret and it starts firing rockets and then releasing the second, it refreshes for some reason? Is it just me or is this how the turrets work now?

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Whenever using 2 turrets rockets seem to either never start or take forever, of which 20/30 seconds and the match is over so pointless unless you can keep his sentry alive with him.

Stuns work on turrets too :stuck_out_tongue: and why is no one talking about taunts?


I just used Castellan against a Ronin Sandbag earlier. Made a comeback from 1 vs 3, thanks to his turrets and shield.Howerver, I don’t think he’s broken, since he needs more time to setup compared to other heroes, so I guess the trick is to kill him before he finishes setting up, or say byebye to your pvp hearts.
Disclaimer: i failed to get a screenshot of that game. Plus it was in the faction fight, so it might not always apply


In the current pvp matchup none of this would be an issue if some of the hero’s reload time didn’t take a week. His shield could be removed fairly easily if you could shoot at it. For example Dogface, it takes him soooooo long to reload now and you can’t get his skills activated before Castellan has already activated his shield and at least one turret. If you face mauler, he’s already thrown both his bronze and silver skills before dog reloads and even activates one of his skills.

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I can confirm that my 9stars 5strips castellan is killable. And yeah… by dogface n especially by Mauler.

all heros are killable by these two

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Castellan is broken in that he is near unbeatable at 2 turrets, which doesnt even take long to set up. Nothing but a top DPS with support can take him out. Let me put it into perspective. Even a Ronin min max setup struggles to take him out with as many as 2 support members boosting him. Let alone Dog or any other heroes who only have very short damage bursts which def cant break through Castellan’s insane def in that short a time while his Silver and Bronze effectively loop endlessly, keeping his Gold going endlessly which in turn keeps his shield going endlessly.

Add to that, when building 2 turrets in the same spot, one turret is basically shielding the other.
I.e., you have to break Silver shield, destroy 1 turret to get to 2nd, damage/destroy 2nd turret to disable endless Gold shield before being able to damage Castellan, who by then would have already thrown up another turret and Silver shield by then which activates Gold again and on and on.
Or you could go the direct route and go for Castellan directly, plow through Silver shield, plow through Gold shield for a few seconds and slowly chip away bit by bit at his HP in the few seconds before the Gold reactivates endlessly. The former is actually more effective in my experience but either way, both are completely ridiculous for a single character. The whole process is just as long as what one would have to consider taking out a full healer/revive team! And he’s just one man! Isn’t that ridiculous? If that isn’t broken to you, I think it’s clear you’re speaking out for your own benefit.

It’s quite clear the devs didnt consider his Gold giving Castellan DOUBLE shield protection apart from double DPS (when having double turrets) in their release note update when they just stated they wanted to give him more dps. His Gold was reasonable when he only had a 1 turret limit. Then they changed that by upgrading his turret limit without considering the way the others skills were designed around his original build in the first place. If you want to keep 2 turrets, the Gold def needs to be debuffed and/or Bronze/Silver charge times need to be lengthened.

He is def broken. Too easy to set up and almost no counters when fully set-up apart from a power advantage over a weak Castellan or ganging up on him (i.e., fortunate to kill the rest of his team quick).

So much complaining.


I’ve won with castellan and I’ve lost equally with castellan, which tells me he’s working just fine.


I’ve beaten more Castellans then I can remember. But then again, anecdotal experiences don’t necessarily mean anything.