Castellan sentry gun not quite buffed yet?

I wanted to bring to attention that all the summoner heroes, halloway, hivemind even hardscopes drone got buffed and it’s great, castellan as said to have a sentry buff. His sentry used to do 50 damage at 5 star gold, now it does 250. :sweat_smile: I get that it was a buff but the sentry gun still just isn’t getting any love, I wanted this post to be looked at, to get our engineer out on the field with a sentry that’s gonna protect the team and shred some KLG. Not an engineer with a half broken turret and a bubble shield as his only ability.

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That’s buff with a damage boost of several 100%'s. Doesn’t sound bad at all to me but I never used Castellan so I can’t say if he’s underwhelming or not.

Well I mean it deals next to no damage still, maybe I haven’t used it enough it’s just for me, if an enemy has 100k hp and my sentry shoots 12 times for 250 damage then has a reload time. it’s not gonna be as good as just replacing castellan and his sentry for another hero

I’m looking at my friends Castellan / Sentry Turret.
His Castellan 4* level 50 has his Sentry skill at level 42 and it does 1507 damage / second which is along the lines of Hivemind’s drone. Maybe you just need to upgrade your skill?

10* Platinum does 9882 damage and has 436.606 HP.
His shield absorbs over 450k damage and his autorepair isnt that bad either. Platinum skill giving 91k HP and 301 armour for everyone.

Pretty solid I think

Well that sounds nice up there but it just feels so weak down here

My castellan is level 66 sentry 66 and 5 star gold 1, I know what the numbers say but they actual usage seems trash

Mmmm… unless it does 11 shots per second, which I doubt (I never used Castellan, so I have no idea), it really looks like something is wrong there.

Maybe it’s because of the interaction of damage/armor, making each bullet do pretty much nothing, but yeah, those numbers are pretty much useless. A plat 10* would only do around 900 per shot. I don’t know how big are HP pools up there, but Im quite sure it will be still nothing.

The only real use for the sentry gun in that state is to tank some enemies, which sounds redundant with Castellan’s silver skill

Yes that’s what I was trying to get at thank you, I just want a rework for the sentry, and give it the love it deserves

It should do 4-5k damage to be really usefull in endgame. Just have him 3* bronze only myself, so i cant really do a damage test.

Yeah but doesn’t even do a thousand at 5 star gold. I went to someone who has a plat 10 star and from guessing, it only does about 1000 damage most likely

also noticed sentry doesn’t shoot when hit by surges lift off, the sentry is gonna stick to the ground and shouldn’t be effected

This is my castellan buffed now, and sentry only does 490 per shot

Here again to hope a simple cry or message will get this a chance for players to look at this again and keep this thread alive


Armor probably playing a role here so the damage is dismal.

I get the armor part but its making the sentry gun do 300-500 damage

I think they need a penetrating damage type that ignores armor completely. It can have generally low damage and still be dependable against all enemies. This type would be a good fit for the turret too.

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I really like the sound of that actually

Castellan himself on wave 3-1 can one shot all enemies but the turret itself only does 807 damage and hits cover about half the time, it’s not that armor is playing a big role here it’s that the turret itself is not dealing any damage