270 stamina, 30 minutes of (auto) play: 1 Platinum Throwing Knife received

I know this has been up before but I’m dropping this here to ventilate my frustration.
Please do something about these horrendous drop rates - this isn’t fun, it’s hardly even fair.

I know there’s some type of randomness to the drops but assume I get this unlucky for the remaining 19 Throwing Knifes I need. That’s a total of 5400 stamina.
Then I also need the Platinum Pistol Fragments, 40 Golden Throwing Stars… Etc. Then I’m on to the next character.


Yeah, I tend to buy gold throwing stars and daggers, along with plat throwing knives from alliance shop when they show up. The drop rate on those seem really bad. Bought a fair amount off silver fuel cells from there in the past as well, but those have been a decent, from other sources more recently.

I’ve been focused on buying skin tokens lately but I realised that’s not very smart so these last days I’ve been buying equipment once again. Haven’t seen those Platinum Knives though but I hope they will eventually show up for me as well. I guess we have the same offers in the store so maybe I wasn’t paying attention or simply didn’t need that piece of equipment when they last were inte store.

Don’t forget to hoard those Platinum Shurikens my man.
Those things have high demand later on.

Yeah use it for gear, it’s a waste for skin tokens, already regretted I bought some yesterday :joy:

Yep, even silver shoulder pad fragments are a joke… I am struggling to platinum 1 hero from Gold even once a week.

Not even started with Platinum +1 cba with that grind.

Aaand I may assume you put in good amounts of gold to make it in a week? I do! But I’ve cut the stamina / reset costs during my last 2 promotions. I have to let it take time.
Alliance mates at VIP 0 said they’re allowing 2-3 weeks from Gold > Platinum.

Then what can i say about plat shoulder pats
Hervesting them is like harvesting corn on the moon .lol

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It took myself a week to plat Panzer from gold, and I use gold for one reset stamina per day (40gold/day) and 3 times a week a reset for mech raid.

I try to Plat in order of elements, last week with panzer (mech) now i go fortress (energy), and after a bio hero for sure. It will help to take time for collecting gear :smiley:

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