What are your most hated items of equipment?

I get the crisis with the golden throwing stars. The quote for the quick win tickets is so underground that I can burn 200 stamina just to get at least 1 gold throwing star. It’s like a lottery booth on the fairground.

You get about 2 per 10 quick wins. Sometimes you get zero, sometimes you get five, but if you will do 100 quick wins you will end up with ~20.
Also you can get enough of it from the stores.

My most hated item are the gold grenade belts. No idea why, but as soon as I see them as a need, I want to stop upgrading that hero.

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Gold light chest armor and silver throwing knives?

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Any plat equipment is a pain in the arse.


Gold stars are a good buy from the alliance store

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I haven’t used stamina on gold stars/knives in months. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the stores. The alliance store (and gauntlet store - although less since they raised price) is your friend. You can get 15 gold stars every few days. If you’re spending stamina on them instead, you really need to change up your stamina usage.

To be honest I would not recommend buying them from the gauntlet store. There I would go for full on frags.

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My preferred source for gold stars is the alliance store, but since they only pop up there about twice a week I get the majority of mine from 5-8 Hard. It seems to have at least a 50% drop rate, as opposed to Normal missions’ 20%, so I save on Stamina in the long run.

And my most hated item of equipment is grenades. I have over 3,000 of them between the four types; there’s no way anyone’s ever going to use that many. But there’s Gorgon Wakes staring at me every day with no reward except MORE GRENADES and maybe a 3rd co-op for the daily.

I spend tons of stamina on them. Each hero requires at least 24 gold stars to get from Gold0 to Plat0, and they are usually the item I run out of before I can upgrade a hero to the next rank.
I don’t know if it’s just me, but they RARELY show up in my Gauntlet/Alliance stores. When they do, I’m on ‘em like white on rice, but it’s so rare, and I upgrade so rapidly that I have to spend most stamina on missions 5-4 & 5-8.

Before the gauntlet store price change, I was buying them any time I saw them at 5 per 700 gems. With two gauntlet resets per day, that was getting me around 15 per day. Between that and the 20-30/week from the alliance store, I was flying through getting heroes to plat and usually had a reserve of 90-100 stored away.

Now that the gauntlet store price got increased by around 50%, I stopped getting them from there and I’m just going through my stock while buying out the alliance store whenever they show up. I haven’t had to use stamina on a gold star in months and I’m getting plat heroes at least once a week or more (haven’t really kept track tbh).

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Just realized that when I was getting them from gauntlet store, I only had 1 gauntlet reset for much of that. So it was around 10/day and then went up to 20/day-ish when I hit VIP 10.

My problem is, they don’t show up in my stores… haven’t seen them in my Alliance store in over a week.
I refresh Gauntlet store 1-2 times per day, so with the daily reset, that’s 2-3 times per day, and I get em in there maybe a couple times per week. They are extremely rare showing up in stores for me for some reason.
Just bad luck I suppose.
Therefore I’m forced to grind ‘em in missions. :confused:

Same here. With two resets of gauntlet I get them once. And once a week in the ally store. I’d say I get about 60 a week from all stores combined.

@Poobgloob @WalleWu - You guys only restock gauntlet 1-2 times per day? What do you spend all your gems on? I do 4-5 restocks per day plus the free daily reset.

The alliance store is inconsistent… I’ve had weeks where I get basically nothing but gold swords and then I’ve had weeks where I get 3 days of stars.

As VIP 1 I can only restock twice. I also buy gold gloves and flatline frags

Ah ok, didn’t realize you were VIP 1 only. That’s damn impressive for 600k+ power!

Yes and only one reset. Until vip 10.

I think it would be helpful for each of us if we could get an exchange office where we could exchange for example 10:1 gold grenades for golden throwing stars or other examples, which are changed and reset at certain intervals.

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Addiction helps :sweat_smile:

Playing for free gives you a rough start. But there are two milestones that really give you a huge push. Getting to level 60 increases the gold income from PvP drastically and unlocking the heronium store makes you level up your hero stars twice as fast. This game is really fair towards its non paying players, as long as you are patient and stock your gold for the big offers.

And of course an alliance that helps you get the top rewards each event is playing its part too :hugs:

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Personally any platinum is a pain. I worry more about frags then promotions anyway. First I got all my hero’s to gold. Once I did that frags were my focus.