Platinum throwing stars

Is it possible ( and will you ) have an event that offers a substantial amount of platinum throwing stars as a reward, like 200, 300, or even 500 stars upon completion?

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Don’t think they’l exclusively make an event for platinum throwing stars. They are available in alliance store. Heronium store. War rewards and campaign missions. We have enough opportunities to get them

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platinum throwing stars are nothing compared to platinum swords
trust me


I have 1,000 plat swords, no exaggeration…I have zero plat stars…always grinding for plat stars…

They are rarely available in any stores and the drop rate on campaign missions is abysmal

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I’m pretty sure they get rotated at least 3+ times a week. For me at least. Heronium store has them in a large bundle sometimes. And campaign drop don’t really have low droprates. It’s like opening a hero crate with 3 heroes. You might get the same 3 times in a row or you won’t get one for 6 openings. It’s just luck basically

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