3* Hero Idea: Jigsaw

“Like a jigsaw, I am never solved. I see the riddles in life and death, we see the world only in a partial sense. We never see the truth behind the world. For we never use our other senses. But I ask a question. Will you ever find the truth?”

Jigsaw- Master Illusionist - Mechanical- 3 Stars - Mid Line

From a young age Jigsaw was a master of illusion, slight of hand, and stealing. Using his skills he steals and disperses from sight. For the longest time he stole technology, from Kurtz armies, to the Morlocks. And for the longest time no one knew who stole these things. That was until he was caught. Caught by the KLG Lawgivers, he prayed for a hero to save him.

Two hours later the KLG outpost was raided by The United members X-013, Silas, Gauss, and Envoy. He was released by X-013, who he now fallows with utmost respect. Soon taking them to his hideout. Using the technology he took they soon upgraded their weaponry, built the monstrosity Bone Saw, and created the concept of the Zeus Strike Satellite. Eventually he lead them to an abandon military base, where there main base is located now.

Description: An illusionist at heart, he uses an arsenal of drones to make his companions and himself disappear, and to confuse them as well.

Faction: The United

Weapon: Juridic SMG
Weapon Type: SMG
Fire Rate: 4.2 rounds/sec
Ammo Capacity: 35 rounds
Reload time: 1.3 seconds

Active skills:

Bronze-Hard Light Existence- Causes every single Allie including himself to disappear from sight and become replaced with a hard light copy. Each copy has 60% health and damage of the original hero.

Silver- Dual Mania- Upon activation he will create a perfect copy of a random ally hero, and both will still be capable of fighting. Lasts for 25 seconds.

Passive skills:

Gold- Misguide- Using his plethora of drones he causes allied heroes to disappear and reappear. Every time he is damaged there is a 10% chance of himself or an ally to disappear and reappear behind a different barrier. This skill also makes ally health unreadable.

Platinum- Illusionary Chaos- every second has a 3% chance for this skill to activate. Causing the health of every ally hero to increase by a random amount, causing all enemies to gain two random status affects, and causing all enemies to take a random amount of damage between 5% - 20% of their max health. Effects last for 10 seconds.

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If you want a Jigsaw hero its very unlikely, a lot of stuff will have to come into play and don’t forget about it has to be relevant to the actual character. Personally it sounds cool on paper but it wont like up to expectations most likely

I dunno if theres anything truely impossible about the hero idea. Beyond the guy having the same name as “jigsaw” from the Saw franchise. BUT theres literally nothing about the idea thats even related to Saw.

Tbf its entirely random which or who might end up inspiring some actual ingame heroes in the future.

An activated team invisibility skill doesnt currently exist and would be kinda cool. Most of the invis skills currently are personal/automatic.