New Hero Idea: Alice

We needed SOME kind of biochem swarmer, so my solution was a puppeteer.

Alice: Puppeteer
Rear-Line Bio
Support Swarmer
Cross-Bow: Iron Maiden
Health/Defensive Ratings: 3/5
Damage Rating: 4/5
Firing Rate: 1/shot per second
Clip Size: 12
Reload Speed: 4 seconds

One of many delusional forest guardians, keeping watch over Ranger territory. Not too great offensively, she supports her teamates with ‘living’ puppets. Dont tell her they arent, she talks to them regularly. Occasionally makes humans into her dolls.

[StageFright] Bronze
Using bloody wire, she violently ties up the limbs of the victim. She deals (medium) damage over time, and her player has complete control over them for 10 seconds. She herself cant move while in possession of an enemy hero. Can be interrupted.

[PuppetShow] Silver
Assigns a guardian puppet to follow the targeted ally. They are pretty fragile, but their behaviour changes with the allies health. When health is above 50%, they act as a spotter, increasing crit rate by 4%. When health is below 50%, they use their body to shield the ally. Puppets have (decent) health. She can spawn up to 2 at once, and they cant follow the same ally.

[Marionette] Gold
This hero is oblivious to taunts and clearly sees cloaked enemies. When possessing a victim, gain (heavy) armor, and immunity to being staggered.

[Finale] Platinum
If a possesed hero dies, poison will seep everywhere, dealing (light) damage to anyone nearby for 10 seconds. Each damage tick has a 30% chance to stagger. If they survive they will be afflicted by a random debuff.

Details on bronze: im kinda hoping that there would be a way to use the hijacked hero as yours, so you would be able to switch to it like any other. If it was piloted by the other player, they would be forced out, similar to death.

Same as zero, this really bothered me since i posted an ‘empty’ version. I put a little more thought and detail into them, and sorry for the disturbance.

Stage fright might have severe balance problems with Kurtz execution since you could control him to instant kill an enemy. Otherwise a good concept