New Hero Concept #1: Leetch

Hey Hunters,

Right off the bat I want to thank @Bones for brainstorming on this concept with me. He’s pretty awesome. We started with a simple need for a hero that can cleanse the field of nerfs applied by op heroes like Stygia, and managed to grow our individual ideas with inputs from each other.

Open to suggestions on the name

Leetch, The Vindicator


A brilliant biologist working to achieve a cure-all using Leeches and heronium. A malfunction during an experiment caused Them getting a mutation that grew over time.

Working with leeches when zero day caused havoc in the lab. They went into the chamber to try and stabilise stuff and boom it blew in their face. Mutation progressed slowly and as they figured it all out they decided to help people with it.


Imagine a chubby Batman without the pointy bits, in a black wingsuit with highlights of Void Purple. A cowl that protrudes well over the top of their head covering the face completely in all but very brightly lit areas.

Element: Void


Faction: KLG


Role: Field Medic

Weapon of Choice: LMG/Shotgun

Drops as a 5-star hero

Bronze Skill: Transfusion

Launches a wave of cleansing over their allies removing any and all nerfs and healing them for xxx(small) amount for 5 seconds. The duration of heal increases 1 sec per 20 levels.

If this hero is below 30% health when Transfusion is applied, all enemies are stunned for 5 seconds.

Silver Skill: Leech

This hero jumps, latches onto and envelopes the enemy with the maximum HP, draining xxx/sec HP for 5 seconds and healing their self and the Ally with lowest HP by equal amounts.

Gold Skill: Sabotage

Heal block all enemies for 3 seconds when an ally falls below 50% HP. This ability can be triggered a maximum of 3 times per ally.

If all allies including this hero fall below 50% HP, all enemies gain inverse shield that double the damage recieved for 5 seconds.

Platinum Skill: Bloodletting

Cleanses all nerfs on allies when using silver.
Whenever Leech is triggered, reduce all enemy movement speed and firing speed by 20%

Ruby Skill: Supported

P.S.: I do not have all the stats figured out yet but I’m working on that.

Let me know what you think of Leetch in the comments. You can also DM me if you have suggestions on the name or other things.

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When you say “fat Batman” which Batman are we talking about?
Adam west? Does he have “pow” and “wham” pop up when he attacks?
These could be great distraction tactics. ; )

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Void names can be tricky if you don’t have the right mindset, for instance I had a few names, such as abyss (concept of my own). But it doesn’t have to be void related completely, much like a hero such as eruin, they could have had a normal life until they were affected by the new heronium.

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