3 vs 3 AW teams. Possible?

At this point im sure we all have alliances we like to team up with and have alliances we hate and like to fight. With that being said can we have team ups? 3 vs 3 would be great. Have alliances create teams and enter wars. Alliances will still be working together and the war chat can be for the team instead of everyone in that war. Make the map 2 colors and place the teams on each side starting from the same place we are starting now. Maps wont need to change and it will make things a lot more interesting. Ranks can be changed or points for the total teams gains can be divided by 3.
I think this could solve a lot of AWs problems with betrayal. Every war we are scrambling to gain sectors and make allies. Sometimes we have to hope a alliance is true to their word. It will also stop gang ups on one or two alliances. I think efforts should be made to make AW a lot more fun and fair without all the deceit and politics. If i wanted to be a politician id run for mayor. Lol
So what do you guys think? :slight_smile:


Man I swear we think alike. I was literally just talking about this the other day with the same exact idea. But instead of dividing the points by three why don’t they just team up for the whole season. It make war little more challenging to lead three alliances then it is just the one but a lot more funner.in a different way. And if HH wanted to try this they could start with 2v2 with 3 teams but then again their might be a gang up. So your idea of 3v3 would be better. I would love this.

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I agree. We should have this mode! it would me more fun with other alliances


Very good idea! Much more planning and communication would be involved. Plus, it would be really cool to cut off an entire side of a map! Ha ha!


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