30k team of 9 and 8 stars

all my midteam matchups for the last hour gets same matchmaking people with 5-6k heroes with one or 2 plats 9k and always has more power than my team i am confused

I literally met this guy 3 days ago and he is not speciel i actually won pretty easy and i tend to lose pretty often, how i know i met this guy ? i searched up his name and i can see i wrote to him that he has sick team but he needed better comp i think i one shottet his nightgale with my panzer and the rest was easy as i took down razor with full clip

my panzer with skills at 68 barely scrached his nightingale so dont know about that or even any of his heroes barely got damaged and the whole match was barely 30 sec

look at this nice guy taunting me ingame on no what am i going to do now :smile:

He messaged me too, saying he can not rank above rank 500 with teams like that.
No idea what he is up to :man_shrugging:

I usually play at 70k, so i rarely see this, but I see this happen a LOT at 35-45k, which I think is where most people fight. It’s pretty dirty, and makes pvp really unenjoyable at that level. I think the best fix to this is to match using highest hero power instead of team power. It doesnt even affect me 90% of the time but I see how shitty it is

it seems that people lower highest team power in the game has a higher chance of getting up rank

There’s plenty of xp in the game. If you are 9* on a bunch of heroes and only level 43 with them you are intentionally not leveling up to sandbag. I had all my heroes max level a long time before getting 9 and 10* with them.

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@Deathleech Btw He plays like that, of course he’ll say it’s a playing style instead of abuse

You have to use panzer bronze skill on a full target, you can do 145-160k on panzer with that skill alone if you hit a full health energry type it works perfect on flatlines, but sometimes you can be unlucky and miss the oppurtunity for one shots

another fair matchmaking what a lovely pvp matching in this game so fair

Por lo que yo veo ahí usa un equipo con 4 curanderos y solo razorback como principal para matar, para mí no es abuso sino más bien estrategia que el usa, más el equipo contra que el enfrenta, en tu caso tu equipo para empezar Panzer no ayuda mucho en nivel oro, usa mejor a dog face en oro es mucho más efectivo, kobold da vida pero no resiste mucho y operator solo da vida a uno
Juega con personajes que de vida a todo el equipo y te irá mejor en el pvp