Clarification on Min-Maxing

I am new here in this community, I just would like to clarify and know more about this Mix-Maxing on pvp.

i just want to know if when can we say if the player is Min-maxing? Is it based on Team level, Team power, individual hero’s Level, individual hero’s power, or individual hero’s grade? or how does the matchmaking is made…

Thanks guys.

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Roughly if there is over a factor two difference in the highest and lowest heroes power. In detail teams with combinations of platinum and silver, gold and bronze, not upgrading skills, etc.

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i cant get it. what if the devs will put a range like between the highest and lowest power. and if the range exceeds, then it must faced with a player whose the min is the max of the mix-maxing player. i tried using a very high power hero combined with very low heroes, and i was faced by a stronger hero, does that mean they have solved the min-max issue?

It’s still possible, most of the time you see 1 hero a lot of stars higher then the rest, but some use a platinum hero with silver ones.

Everything is taken into factor, hero level, bars(metal color) and stars.

The game tries to punish those who abuse it, but it doesn’t always work

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@Kraterios, the games rewards those that min/max … :roll_eyes:

The punishing part is virtually non existent when ever I meet a min/max team.

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There are some ways to work around this, to make the penalty as low as possible, but it’s probably for the best we don’t give people tips to make this problem worse

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First, let’s start by clarifying what min-maxing is because most people are using the wrong terms to describe what’s happening in pvp. Min-maxing is when a player intentionally does not upgrade certain skills of certain heroes in order to keep their overall power lower for pvp matches. Most of what’s happening in pvp now is actually called sandbagging, not min-maxing. Sandbagging is when you bring one or two much higher powered heroes and match them with much lower powered heroes in order to stay lower power in pvp. I see both types of exploits being used but sandbagging happens more often. To see if a player is min-maxing, you have to click on his/her heroes after the match and see if their skills are leveled up or not. And I’ll also add that it’s possible to do both exploits at the same time but you have to be able to plan ahead for a proper min-max since you need to have a good understanding of all the heroes and their skills before you begin leveling up anyone.


I thought the Devs have stated (in VIP chat and on the Discord server) that skill manipulation doesn’t really work anymore, because they count your heroes as having their skill levels at minimum a certain percentage (they didn’t say what that percentage was) of that hero’s Character level (so you get charged for the power you’d have on a skill that you didn’t level up at much higher than that skill is actually providing).


@ShortyDA what if lets say 2v2 PVP for instance, player 1’s hero has: platinum lvl 75, skill level 1,1,1,1 | gold lvl 75, skill lvl 1,1,1; while player 2 has: bronze lvl 75 skill lvl x,x (reaches the same power lvl as player 1’s plat) | bronze lvl 75 skill lvl x,x (reaches the same power lvl as player 1’s gold)…

do they seem to be have an equal match?? does player 1’s plat and gold is more superior than player 2’s bronzes?? can this be called as min-maxing problem if they have equal team power level???

@Rygel which means skill lvl is not included in the algorithm of devs when matching players?? thus, only grade, stars, and hero lvl is mattered??

just confused guys. hehe :slight_smile:

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I don’t know the numbers, but it’s possible to have a bronze team fighting a full golden team if your level is high and you have a lot of stars on them


really… i am bit of confused… because if someones plat and someones bronze are at the same power level, is this still called as unfair??? because if it is unfair, it will be hard to match someone with your power level used.

for me, personally, when i facing opponent that 70%++ of their team total power is around the same as their 1-2 strong heroes, im gonna say they min/maxing or sandbagging (whichever the correct terms)