30k team of 9 and 8 stars

i faced this guy few times now so is this a new tactic in pvp?
if so i am surely been playing it wrong

Your opponent seems to be using a tactic called “minmaxing”. (which is making pvp matches pretty unfair)

Your opponent intentionally lowered his heroes’ levels and raised the heroes’ stars skyhigh.

Heroes are still strong if their stars raised and levels low.

You are playing right and normal, but your opponent is not.

PS. To be honest i’m using this same method with my account named “Nine IX” and win average of 75 times a day

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thanks for the info because it was very unfair and could not even kill one of his team its frustrating to be honest.
i thought they fixed minmaxing month or so ago and they get punished for it so apparently not

It got slightly better, you can’t pair bronze with plat heroes anymore, but it is far from fixed.

I asked for a solution towards this 6~ months ago, give xp for PvP fights and this problem will solve it self


Or just punish if heroes are not fitting the account level.

There were many ways suggested to solve the min maxing problem, but HHG choose to take their own and it isn’t working since month. I’m not even sure if the match making ever worked properly.


I’ve stopped leveling my hero’s because of this

Sadly that is a proper way, since you get punished for not leveling your skills, but not for not leveling your heroes, while we have enough exp to level the heroes but not enough bucks to level the skills.

Yup, lvl 75 to 80 will cost 2+ mill, that’s just 1 hero

yeah i find bucks to be the major problem for me even crafting for platinum takes 400k-500k everything takes way too much bucks and we get small amount to cover anything

Interesting, because I thought min/maxing was doing something like a plat Sentry, with four silver heros to keep the team power low. Then they try and take all your heros out with Sentry. The penalties I’ve seen when I’ve encountered this type of team has been significant, anywhere from 6k to 10k, in my favor. I do not see penalties for high star count, if everything else on the team is close, ie hero level, all same color, as well as similar stars and skill points. Basically what Darkside encountered. With bucks being the one thing that seems hardest to obtain, without spending $ on gold, I’m not surprised people are doing this, to be able to take their time and build up bucks and stars, then level their main heros for PvP, simultaneously.

What you’re referring to here is actually ‘sandbagging’, which is dragging down your team power with low heroes and then using one/two high power heroes to do all the killing.

It’s all about figuring out the terminology! Thank you @Papa_Marsh.

Sandbagging = Keeping your team power level low by either avoiding levels/promotion or piloting one hero that’s far more powerful than the rest of the team.

Min/Maxing = Manipulating the level/stars/promotions of your team to make it as strong as possible for that team power level.

For example I would say the OP is sandbagging but not really min/maxing since the team isn’t highly optimized. A Panzer would do far better than Razorback in that slot and without a real DPS it’s dependent on Nightingale’s mark to secure kills, Keel is also the team’s weakpoint since there are no single-target heals to protect her from focus fire.


thats a new term for me i heard of of minmaxing but never heard of Sandbagging .
so this is normal and fair in youre opinion?

Why the devs don’t provide the simple solutions necessary to fix these things is beyond me.

Cash a problem? Make the daily bounty where you trade gold for cash give WAY more cash, or dramatically increase the chances of getting x3, x5, and x10 cash. Also, allow players to sell xp for a small amount of cash (half or even a fourth the xp value sold for cash value).

People sandbagging and keeping levels low to gain an unfair advantage? As Kraterios said, make PVP matches give xp. After a few weeks of PVPing everyone would have their heroe’s level maxed out and could no longer artificially keep them low. There is really no reason to keep a hero level low either other than to give yourself an unfair advantage in PVP. Almost all games I have played give xp in PVP to keep this type of crap from happening.


(Sigh) This happens when you keep sandbagging:

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I can completely understand being pissed about someone that sandbags with a plat and bunch of silvers and bronze or other combinations like that. But when someone plays the game differently by collecting stars rather than lvling up as fast as possible why complain about that just cuz you didn’t think to play that way. He’s running all gold hero’s just different star lvls which might be on purpose might be just where he has that team starred up at. Now if that guy is a lvl 75 running with lvl 45 hero’s that’s another story. But don’t be pissed about someone working on starring up his hero’s to be able able to compete better at the higher lvls. It’s another way to play the game and is legitimately a good way to play for better rewards and such. Yes I am one that collects stars rather than rush to get to the highest lvl possible. It’s called patience and the best way to play if you don’t wanta spend a lotta cash or any cash on game.


It is not about the players who play like that. They play by the rules so you can blame them for taking advantage of a broken system, but they play by the rules.
What pisses most players is that HHG is not able to introduce a working match-making, that prevents this kind of playing style. It was better a few weeks ago, but for some reason got worse again.

Match-ups like this should not be happen, because they give the not sandbagging player a great disadvantage.

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i love losing