4-5 star hero concept: Vulture

I’d like to propose a new hero based off of the marvel studios villain, Vulture. A voracious predator. Heronium exposed to a vulture completely rearranged his cellular structure making him half bird half man. His family rejected him and all his bird friends almost puked just by looking at him. Angry at the people that stole his family and friends away from him, he mastered the art of human weaponry and became a skilled sharpshooter. He then became a mercenary for hire mainly and attempted to assassinate KLG forces as much as he could. He now works for the Watch usually working Artemis and weaving his tale to the world.

If you like it I’ll post his skills as well

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there are key things missing such as:

faction, element, weapon, skills and their description, a concept art (if you want to be artsy), name.


Name: Vulture
Faction: The Watch
Element: Bio-chem
Weapon: Marksman rifle. 15 shots per round
Description: A voracious predator. Living offensive weapon that can tear any enemy apart with his high damage but is vulnerable without a shield
Concept art: I draw pokemon not bird creatures and I’m not even that good at drawing pokemon. It’s just a hobby(what with all this COVID-19 crap)
Skills are as follows(I don’t have specific amounts of damage or things like that. I’ll let Hothead Games figure that out)

Bronze: Infection Claw… Slashes the targeted enemy with Heronium infused talons. Deals Direct damage and leaves a charge of poisoned doing some DPS for 15 seconds.

Silver: Deranged Snarl: Unleashes his battle cry on the battlefield stunning the enemy with the highest percentage of health for 8 seconds and healing the ally with the lowest amount of health up to a max of 50% of their own base HP

Gold: Predatory Science: If this hero kills someone with Infected Claws, the cooldown for Infected Claws and Deranged Snarl is reduced by half

Platinum: Assassination: If Deranged Snarl stuns a KLG lawgiver, KLG black op or KLG irregular, he doubles the stun time and powers up his weapon gaining a bio-chem damage increase and automatically heals half his health

Ruby: His ruby skill is the Doing Damage ruby skill

What do you think now

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