[HERO CONCEPT] - for the next update?

Name = Lupus
Element = Bio


Description = Outcast from fabled Transylvania, Lupus is a Lycan who displays inhuman physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and agility. .
Primary weapon = Claw-like gauntlets (fires claws at enemy).
Special weapon = Infectious bite (when in werewolf form)
Bronze skill = ‘Howler’ –.Wolf howl summons two wolves to the arena (each with health of xxx) who roam and attack enemy units dealing xxx damage per second. Wolves last until health expires or 12 seconds (whichever comes first).
Silver skill = ‘Shapeshift’ –.turns into Werewolf and leaps at targeted enemy dealing a lethal bite to the neck inflicting xxx damage.
Gold skill = ‘Pack Attack’ – Passive skill whereby 1 additional wolf is summoned during ‘Howler’.
Platinum skill = ‘Rabid’ – Sporadic waves of Rabies-infested clouds wash over enemy force causing effected enemy units to suffer disorientation for 10 seconds and XXX damage per second.
Go on – this is a winner….
Note to critics: Yes, the artwork is ripped off from Dota 2, but this is meant to prompt Hothead Games, not literally copy and past it….and no one has the monopoly over the use of Lycans. We need to tap into this idea of shape-shifting in the next update…:grin:


We need more summoner type heroes. Halloway and Hivemind have had it on lock down for too long.

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Just drawing up a new hero - plan to house them all in this one thread. (Hope that’s ok Devs…) Here are all the previous ones if interested:

Name = Ruith


Description = Celtic warrior with magical power. Able to disrupt enemy force with well-placed curses and spells…
Primary weapon = Spear hewn from the sacred groves of Hyrule (fires poisoned tips at enemy).
Special weapon = Curse Discs
Bronze skill = ‘Rooted’ –.Ruith calls to mother nature and underground tree roots rise to the surface pinning targeted enemy to the spot for 10 seconds dealing XXX damage per second…
Silver skill = ‘Elixir’ – Throws set of 3 curse discs at targeted enemy (each disc capable of causing XXX damage).
Gold skill = ‘Birdseye View’ – Passive skill whereby Ruith gains the advantage of a birds eye view of the battlefield, allowing him to gain 25% more critical hit chance.
Platinum skill = ‘Offering’ – Passive skill whereby the first enemy to fall below 20% health is offered up for sacrifice by the enemy force, allowing Ruith to extract their soul as they fall to the ground (Ruith gains whatever health the enemy had left).
Go on – this is a winner….
Note to critics: Yes, the artwork is ripped off from the mighty web, but this is meant to prompt Hothead Games, not as something for them to copy and paste…… This idea taps more into celtic folklore…one for the next update