Hero concept; Deadlock

Don’t have any photos right now, not exactly an artist

Hero; Deadlock
Faction; the watch,
Element; Mechanical
Placement; Midline
Stars; 7 stars

Weapon; automatic, smg, similar to; “Bergman mp18”, 5 pellets per shot, 75 rounds

Similar in build to that of heckler,

Lore; Comming soon! Stay tuned!

Bronze Ability;

(Combat Flare)
This hero fires a flare at an enemy, lighting them on fire and marking them for 10 seconds, enemies marked by “Combat Flare” will take 25% more damage,enemies lighted take (mech dmg) per second. Adds a charge of “Hunters mark”

Silver Ability;

(Extra Prepared)
this hero loads an extended magazine with 50 more pellets, This hero increases his fire rate by double the speed, also increases his damage by (non-elemental damage), adds a charge of “Hunters Mark”, (increases by 5 pellets every 10 levels to max of 100),

Gold Ability;

(Hunters Mark)
For every charge of hunters mark this hero recovers (health per second) and gains a 2% critical hit chance, If any enemy dies this hero will gain a extra charge, (cannot surpass more than 10 charges), each charge increases his damage per pellet by (mech dmg)

Platinum Ability;

(Firefight in Hell)
For every round fired by this hero, he fires his shots 5% faster and gains 7% less recoil improving his accuracy to a laser aim similar to his sights, the effects are reset when he completes a reload,

Additionally, if an enemy dies this hero gains 15 ammo back,

Ruby Ability;

this hero starts the mission with his abilities (%) charged, additionally he gains a additional (mech dmg) and a 15% charge rate for his silver and bronze abilities,

Things to note;
His ruby is combined with doing damage rather than supported,
His ruby charges BOTH silver and bronze, But at a reduced rate

Hero weapon inspiration;

Weapon Notes; will contain 5 barrels rather than the 8 shown in the picture,
Magazine; 75 rounds,
Fires 10 pellets a second, with a large spread rate (platinum reduces spread)
Reload time; 1.8 seconds,
Damage to cover; same as serial, (but has multiple pellets to faster damage to it)

Dmg per pellet; 50 (this is green)
Dmg per second; 450 (this is green)

At ruby 6; health; unknown as of now, (health similar to serial)
Damage per pellet, unknown as of now (I want his dmg per second similar to Spewage)
Gold dmg buff; 500 mech damage (per pellet)
Ruby damage; 17,500 max (not including any skin buffs)(per pellet)

I might have made mistakes, grammar or info, lemme know and I’ll fix / add them

(Ps, any artists want help with a few designs?)

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Side note I didn’t notice but it looks slightly similar to jackals gun, also mine will shoot out all barrels at once with heavy pellets,

Cool concept but where is the hero?

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Working on images, I’m not an artist lol, may need some help designing,

This is the concept. The hero is the concept…
Do you mean where the images are rather? In that case Bash already provided that answer

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Ok thanks for the information

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Nice to see hero concepts live on, excellent work!
(ps. move this to community gallery)

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I’m starting to work on some more as well. But i’m in dire need for an artist since i want to work out quality

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I noticed another concept was put here, it got more attention than most and no one batted an eye, so I don’t see to much of a problem with it, I might put it there after I finish imagery and lore, ty

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you can hire online from FIVER website

I don’t trust random websites with random people

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I’m pretty sure fiver works, although I might need to try it myself, and maybe get a handsketched Clyde artwork to frame for my room

It’s up to you what you prefer but FIVER is global standard registered site in the world

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