4 - CEP Did you forgot about him?

How about nerfing 4 - CEP? The amount of damage he delivers is insane, if well shielded he wipes an entire team in seconds or you just nerf useful all around heroes like Mandrake?

That’s a losing perspective point of view. 4 - CEP is op simple as that.

Not true. I beat 4-cep teams regularly. I also lose to 4-cep teams. Balanced.


I also beat 4-CEP teams often, especially if the rest of the team is knocked out. I’ve also lost to him as well. He’s an example of a solid hero; intimidating, yet not overpowered.


I had a writeup of 4-CEP ages ago, and he hasn’t been nerfed since then. Simply put, his damage output is completely insane. Without using any skills, he does as much DPS as a Kuno that’s activated full offense, but he has a bigger clip and much more health (and, of course, he doesn’t have to go rely on a skill to activate that insane DPS).

On the other hand, his bronze skill is terrible. Its damage doesn’t scale at all. Neither does the damage from his silver, although at least the heal block there is good. His rollout is what made me quit playing (though I still lurk the forums from time to time), because it just really made me question the hero development process.


well i’m sorry to hear you quit playing because of 4-cep. i’m trying to understand how Kurtz didn’t push you out but 4-cep did. I don’t have a problem with either but Kurtz is certainly more difficult to deal with in my opinion.

This constant crying really annoys me. 4cep is nowhere near to what you described him to be in your initial post.
People really need to learn when some hero is OP, when some hero is bit stronger it sure doesnt mean he is OP.

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If it was up to you every hero would be making same dps as vanguard for example. You are the one who constantly complain about every strong hero. First siren, now 4cep.


I didn’t play Kurtz often enough to have his brokenness really impact my playing experience. But when I got 4-CEP and I leveled him up to the same level as my other guys, it really drove home for me how unbalanced the game was.

Hes deff not unstoppable. Ive beat him on many team types and dont see a issue with him. Hes not even a top earning hero in pvp in my book. Lol i think hes balanced. Yes is DPS is impressive but hes also very easy to kill with the right heros.


Best part about 4ceps is he decimates everyone regardless of color attributes


But as AI he’s kinda meh cause AI will use his skills which aren’t actually the best, but his silver doesn’t even work properly the extra damage doesn’t occur when it hits a heal blocked enemy.

Which heroes are your recommended 4-Cep killers?

Astrix or Phoenix … Full skilled and back up

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Whatever heroes comprises your best team. My main team includes Cinder who does a nice job on 4-cep. But, I did kill 4-cep once with Commando. It was cool for a moment, then Commando died a glorious death!

Astrix isn’t that great at killing DPS heroes. Her boomerang can be pretty easily dodged by a piloted character, and if you don’t get a returned boomerang to jump-start your next shot, you’re toast. She’s best used to kill supporting heroes that aren’t being piloted.

Phoenix sucks.

Cinder is OK after you blow up the whole map, but it takes so long to get her going that 1-2 of your heroes, at a minimum, will be dead by the time you’re ready to let loose with her.

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I would disagree on Phoenix. She is able to lay an enemy out pretty well, but her skills do tend to get interrupted. She’s pretty good for 4-CEP for the most part.

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@Grasher That is not true…for me anyway. Cinder has formidable damage after destroying just 3 pieces of cover. I use Matador primarily for this, takes him one clip. Depending on the enemies presented, I sometimes empty two clips (6 pieces of cover) before switching to Cinder. IF you use Baron instead of, or in addition to Matador, Cinder powers up very quickly. 4-Cep does NOT guarantee ANY deaths on the enemy side whether you believe that or not. I believe it, because I win vs. 4-Cep regularly without losing any heroes. Mostly with Cinder, sometimes Mauler, sometimes Odachi, etc. etc.

Pretty much this. 4-Cep can easily kill almost any energy hero with a single clip from his gun, save some tanks. Flatline or Night? Dead in a single clip. Mech heroes? Dead in a clip and a half, and that’s if you have no support from AI. If the AI focus even a little with you most mech are dead in a clip as well.

Compared to other heroes it’s ridiculous. Kurtz has extremely powerful abilities, but his gun damage is fairly weak and his hp isn’t great. His abilities also take awhile to activate. To deal with him you just focus him first so you don’t get the debuff from killing one of his allies first. Or you interrupt his ability once it’s up. They have longer cast times so it’s not that hard to interrupt them.

Panzer has a ton of upfront DPS and was just nerfed. The issue with Panzer is her shotgun does abysmal damage to mid and especially back line heroes. She can rip through front line heroes like Butter and Hive like they are nothing, but outside of that and the first 20 seconds she is pretty terrible.

4-Cep on the other hand does not even need his abilities to do great damage, he is great right out the gate. He is also just as effective at killing front, mid, or back line heroes. This might not be an issue if he were super squishy like Kuno, but he isn’t. In fact he has more health and armor than Panzer or Kurtz, on top of being able to self-revive AND taking reduced damage for all shots except head shots.

I feel like the only reason you don’t see him more in the top brackets is because so many people use him on their super high power teams to gain the system. People will put 4-Cep, Lancer, Beck, Purifier, Alvarez, Heckler, Sapphire, or Kurtz all on a team since they are nearly 120k or more power. This means they will face about half bot teams or more and get easy wins, even though the team make up is actually terrible. More and more people are doing this though, so you are facing more players rather than AI. It’s a good way to get a handful of PVP wins with heroes that are otherwise throw aways for PVP. Since they are so high power it gives some nice points too. The only downside is 4-Cept is the highest power and is used for this team, making it easier to kill bots, but also meaning he isn’t used on “real” teams as often.

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I’d be curious to know what Cinder’s DPS is with 3 pieces of cover broken, I doubt it’s at the level that 4-CEP is at (assuming equal stars and bars).

Also, w/ 4-CEP you can run him with 2 other rearline heros and force him to mid, which I think is his natural spot given his machine gun and relatively high HP. From mid he gets even more damage since he has reduced spread on his machine gun. My recollection is also that 4-CEP has more health than a similarly leveled Mandrake, which is surprising for a DPS character.