About kurtz

Administration you make kurtz very powerfull launch another player like this…

I don’t think that’s a good idea. Kurtz is unbeatable unless luck is on your side and you have the right combo of heroes to go against Kurtz’s team combo. Imagine if these people with Kurtz then had a second equally powerful hero? It would make pvp even more frustrating and pointless. As it is I want to scream anytime I go against Kurtz and it’s made me consider quitting the game.

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Can you send me good team in pop against kurtz

Pop sorry I want good team against

Yes. I’d love to know a good team to squash Kurtz. Especially when he is backed up by Halo, Flatline and effing Mandrake.

My only strategy, which involves having a huge DPS guy (so defensive teams, you stand no chance against Kurtz) take out Flat then take out Kurtz fast enough before his skill can last too long to kill all your team. If you’re able to, pop a team shield before killing Flat to buy you a bit more time to kill Kurtz. I have been able to beat Kurtz with a full team intact this way (not always). You really have to do it fast especially before Kurtz triggers his eternal stun on your DPS guy or his shielders start shielding. The delay will kill off all chances to win without your own Kurtz. It’s not fair at all. It’s basically a 20-80 chance to win with the onus being on you to succeed to win and not for Kurtz to fail.


I have only faced kurtz about 5 times and of those I have managed to win 3.
I run a Panzer, Mandrake, Nightingale, keel and cain team. The trick is to kill Kurt’s in the first 45 seconds. Any longer and he will use his skill and you will be toast. You have to kill him first or his plat skill will activate and then you’ll also be toast. I personally run a panzer team for damage, I’m sure other teams would probably work. Cant say I would use Ronin ( I don’t use him at all tbh )
If your anti mandrake then I would recommend Hemi for his health and cleansing abilities.
Best of luck!


Member of VRIJ here (BBC AMeRiJoe), I face Kurtz constantly in the 100k+ PvP power bracket and I used to lose more than 50% of matches against him. Now that I know how to play him, I’m winning greater than 75% of my matches against him.

I don’t have Kurtz (I’m one of the few in the top tier alliances who doesn’t), but I’ve had my greatest success with a Beck + Mandrake + Caine + Castellan + Phalanx team. The nice thing is that you can slot in Matador, Oracle, Hideo, Odachi, or anyone else as long as you keep Beck/Caine/Phalanx. This team stacks tons of extra DPS and shield bonuses onto Beck and she’s already super durable as is with Evasion and Scrappy.

The key is don’t autopilot and use Beck to target Kurtz until he’s dead. If he tries to get off Dominate, use her Frag Grenade to get him to roll or Disabling Shot to interrupt it. I do this regardless of whether or not Flatline is present. Even if she revives him, he can be killed again pretty quickly and then you can take her out. If they manage to take out Beck, switch to Drake, then Caine. If you’re down to Castellan and Phalanx, it’s time to give up.

If you run with Odachi, use him as your primary DPS, but save his sword attack just in case you need to interrupt Dominate.

They’ll spend so much time trying to kill Caine or Mandrake, leaving Beck to do her thing and Castellan to set up shop and start lobbing tons of missiles.

PS I forgot to mention I have all of these heroes as either 10* Plat +5 lvl 90 or Plat +4, but this will work as long as your team is balanced and one hero isn’t grossly higher power than the others.


I love it when players realize that auto playing isn’t always the answer.


Thanks Amerijoe. That was a great answer.

Control your heroes one by one focused beating him before he starts cleaning his knives because he is a chef and if you leave it will prepare the dinner table and put all your heroes on it