Ghastly's Extreme Campaign Guide (Every District, Guides and Advice)


This is a guide intended for players who are looking to start completing the extreme missions.

Previously, this guide included screenshots, videos and guides on the forums but this has become unsustainable due to the size of the guide. Because of this, it has been transferred over to the Hero Hunters Wiki. Below you will now find links to the wiki pages for each district as well as any other relevant information.

I would recommend using the Wiki on a computer instead of mobile if you can, whilst I am making the wiki more mobile friendly, it is always best formatted for desktop, if you insist on using your phone then I would recommend requesting the desktop version of the page. If you’re unsure on how to do this then google it.

If you are looking to contact me then find me on Discord: Ghastly#7800 or click the link below to join the community discord!

Hero Hunters Community

As all the guide information has been trasferred to the Hero Hunters wiki, I have hyperlinked all the images in this post. You simply have to click on the image to go to the associated wiki page. For example clicking this image that says “Extreme Campaign Guide” takes you to the main category page on the Wikia, this page contains links to all the districts and any other relevant pages. It is essentially this forum post but on the wiki, from this category page you can access any extreme material on the website.

Extreme Campaign Guide

The road to ruby heroes

If you are new to extreme missions and are not sure where to start then this page will be very helpful, it contains information on what you need to ruby heroes, what heroes are going to be most useful and how to reach level 95 and 100 as fast as possible.

The Road to Ruby Heroes Banner

Extreme Techniques and Methods

Before you look at any teams, you should learn a basic technique which is used throughout this guide. This involves the use of Kurtz and Flatline; understanding how this duo works is vital to extreme campaign success.

I highly recommend you read through this page before looking at any teams as you may find this information more useful than the actual teams itself

Techniques and Methods

District 1 - The Square

Extreme District 1

District 2 - City Hall

Extreme District 2

District 3 - Armory Park

Extreme District 3

District 4 - Fort Anchor

Extreme District 4

District 5 - Bridges District

Extreme District 5

District 6 - Subway

Extreme District 6

District 7 - Little Tokyo

Extreme District 7

District 8 - Blackthorn

Extreme District 8

District 9 - Morlock’s Den

Extreme District 9

District 10 - The Outskirts

Extreme District 10

District 11 - Lawgiver’s Stadium

Extreme District 11

District 12 - The Club

Extreme District 12

District 13 - The Fortress

Extreme District 13

District 14 - UAF Headquarters

Extreme District 14


  1. Massive Credit to Skathi who continually allows me to edit this post and keep it up to date she is the MVP Dev

  2. Ainz, Bloodfest, Jungssi and many many other community members who helped make this guide possible by helping me with screenshots, new teams and ideas!

  3. The community as a whole for being amazing and continually trying to beat extreme with everything you have, you guys are the reason I made this guide and I hope you pass it along to whomever needs help!

Please keep submitting teams to my DM or below so I can incorporate them into the guide, as a collective we thrive and can beat Extreme missions faster!


Great overview Ghastly! HH should be sending players here for Extreme questions.


We already send players to the forum, as we can’t give direct advice :slightly_smiling_face:


So much work! Nice job!


Thank you guys, this was a collective effort from everyone that has helped me get to where I am in extreme, I would appreciate it if you guys can keep this post alive and point people this direction when asking for extreme missions help, whether they have a team to share or are asking for alterative teams. Having 1 collective place for extreme tips, tricks and teams would be greatly helpful to all people involved I believe. So to everyone who sees this post, share it about to those asking for help and if you have anything to add then please do post it below, anything extreme is welcome! More teams can be edited and uploaded into this post over time as well if people have alternatives to those I suggest.


Thanks @Gale. Nice guide! Bookmarked!


Yes this will help so much :slight_smile:


Regarding 3-5, I don’t even know who kill my team… but your video allow me see for the FIRST TIME what I m actually shooting at!!! Bravo!


Great post.
Do you have any good suggestions for auto-play these 3 star missions? (saves some quick win tickets). Esp for the extreme level 2 and 3 ones.

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I wouldn’t recommend auto playing D2 missions at all, 3-2 and 3-8 are the easiest missions to auto play.

@Gale I auto everything


@Gale Im not quite there yet but when i am i know exactly where im coming for for info/guide…appreciate all the hard work…

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Hi mam! Great post! Thanks a lot!

I have a question… maybe somebody here knows the answer…

Is it possible replace hivemind for castellan to do the same effect to activated the kurtz power?

Yes it does trigger Kurtz’s platinum as well however you can only spawn 2 turrets and they don’t taunt. People have tried using Castellan for extreme but hivemind always comes out on top, I suspect it’s the same reason why Striker is not used much either.


Thanks for the answer! :wink:

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Any alternative teams for 1-2 bro?? Don’t have serial yet, and most likely will get him after aw season rewards change.

you can try heckler / Duran will be harder without serial

I 3 starred it with krieger and phalanx, both plat 4 and 10* if it can help you! :slight_smile:

Got close calls with Kreiger and Francoise bro. Both 10* plat 5. Will try that too.

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Just finished 1-2 with Kreiger and Francoise combo!! Just needed to do it manually. The results are amazing though. It takes no time at all to manually shoot them down.

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