5 Star Hero Concept: Paladin

Name: Paladin
Faction: People’s Guard
Element: Bio-chem
Position: Frontline

It will only hurt a little.

Paladin is the daughter of Mauler. She told him she wanted to fight, but his excuse was always “You’re too young.” Paladin disagreed. She found the old sword, Overseer, that her father used to use in battle, and she claimed it as her own. Today, Paladin fights for her people and against her enemy, Kurtz.

Weapon: Overseer
Weapon Type: Longsword
Rate of Fire: 2 swings / second
Ammo Capacity: None
Reload Time: None
Damage: Similar to Ram from Forged Fantasy

Bronze: United- Raises her sword in the air, boosting all allied heroes health and the targeted enemy is Marked.

Lasts 10 seconds.

Silver: Heavy Strike- Unleashes a power blow, dealing high damage and poisoning the targeted enemy for 7 seconds.

Gold: Swerve- All allied heroes have a 25% higher chance to dodge any incoming damage while United is active.

Platinum: Poisoning- Heavy Strike does increased Bio-chem damage and stuns the enemy for 4 seconds.

Ruby: Tanked Up- A Tank’s job in any decent Team composition is to not only soak up damage, but also clear a path for your Heroes. This Hero gains a high Elemental Armor bonus and deals an additional medium Damage to Cover.


nice but with all the monsters out there, she with a sword would not survive 5sec.
I’m on Mauler’s side. It’s too dangerous.
Give her at least a gun


Well, listen to CptLappo.

Looks like a hero from Forged Fantasy

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Looks like a heroine from forged fantasy

lol this is an old concept…