5 Star Hero Concept: Verrier

Name: Verrier
Faction: Morlocks
Element: Energy
Position: Rearline

At last I shall have my vengeance.

Born on Saturn’s moon, Titan, Verrier is a warlock that uses powerful dark magic. Throughout his life, all he wanted was more and more power. He fed on it and it kept him sane. But in order to truly gain this power, he joined the Morlocks to fulfill his destiny. Verrier is now the leader of the Morlocks and of course, the most powerful of them. He lives under the city with the rest of the Morlocks and will only engage in battle if necessary.

Weapon: Necrochasm
Weapon Type: ASP UAR Assault Rifle
Rate of Fire: 7 rounds / second
Ammo Capacity: 42 rounds / mag
Reload Time: 2.3 seconds
Damage: Similar to Brogan


Bronze: Ritual- Performs a ritual, summoning a twin of himself that automatically attacks the targeted enemy.

The twin has medium health and does high damage per second.

Only 1 twin may be active at once.

The twin will die when changing waves, but the cooldown is decreased by 60%.

Silver: Chain Slash- Throws a chain at the targeted enemy, preventing them from performing any actions and their healing is reduced by 70% for 15 seconds.

The targeted enemy can still move and aim, but cannot activate any skills or fire their weapon.

Gold: Stabilized- Enemies affected by [Chain Slash] are also rooted for 7 seconds.

Platinum: Convalescent- This hero starts the mission with medium extra health and goes invisible for 5 seconds if a skill is used on him.

Lasts 20 seconds.

Ruby: Doing Damage- The difference between a good DPS Hero and a great DPS Hero lies in the amount of damage they can dish out. This Hero receives a medium Energy Attack Damage bonus, as well as a 30% Skill Charge bonus for their Bronze Skill.


Sooo… He’s an alien.

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That’s one way to think of it lol

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