Hero concept; Titan

A new hero!!! (Concept)

-health: similar to that of mk2
-dps: similar to that of ursus,
-armor: similar to that of dreadnought (without ability stacks)
-star; 7
-position; frontline

The hero has a massive small scale AA with 300 ammo, he can empty his entire magazine in 10 seconds, but a reload of 5 seconds can take him out of the battle for a long time,

Bronze; Cover me!
This hero deploys an indestructible cover that upgrades the current cover, (can be buffed by fiber for extra damage), the cover lasts for 10 seconds (cover can be destroyed by abilities that destroy cover (ex: phalaxs silver)
+0.5 seconds every 10 levels

Silver; Center of attention
This hero taunts the enemy team, but takes zero damage for 10 seconds, each time this ability is used it takes 10% longer to charge each time, ability charges while being used,
+0.5 second(s) every 5 levels

Gold; a true friend,
Before an ally dies, this hero will share their remaining health with the hero and the ally will gain invincibility. This hero taunts for 10 seconds while active.
25 second cooldown,
-1 second every 20 levels

Platnium; lethal artillery,
This heros weapon has a 2% chance to take 10% of the enemies health away from them,
(+1% chance after level 60,80,100)

Ruby; tanked up,
Yata yata, we all know it, Same dmg to cover as mk2, elemental armor to that of ursus,

(Tldr, a god tier mech tank with a insanely fast firerate and great stats and abilities)

Next concept is made for a friend :wink:

Let me know what you think! I don’t even have an idea of what I feel he should look like, make art of him if you want, deca can add him if they wanted, I honestly would just be honored,

Thank you for reading!!!


Next one is for a special friend of ours :wink:

But this hero need change
Sliver ability: All allies receive a shield. All damages received will be reduced by 50% for 15 Second

Nice idea, but this just feels like it’s already in the game, this just fits my hero better,

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I hope Deca accept Your hero
Good luck

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Would be a dream come true, but honestly, there’s other concepts I have that I would rather be in the game, just need to finish them up first,

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