50/50 "essential" crate is a scam

I did 6/6 and then another 4/6. For those keeping track at home, that is 7 chances to get 1,000,000 bucks at 50% odds. When you then don’t get ANY your brain protests and starts doing involuntary math. Failing to win what is essentially a coin toss 7 times in a row is mathematically highly improbable:

0.5^7 = 0.0078125


0.8% chance of failing to win at least once (I rounded up). To put that in perspective, it means that you failed to win once where - statistically - 992 out of a 1000 people would have.

Now, normally, you might say “you just have really bad luck” but the same happened on the Brogan crates. And the same happened on the hero crates (x10) which explains why I am staring VIP 15 in the face and have exactly none of the 7* heroes.

Am I supposed to continue to invest in a company which is apparently happy to take your money - worth the exact same as everyone else’s - and then give you back, consistently, less product?

How about a little streak protection?

All I can think is, how desperate for a million bucks are you if you’re willing to throw all that gold away on a gamble? Gosh, sorry for your back luck tho.

As a side-note, I got Prophet as a VIP 1 from my third hero crate back in April. :slight_smile:

The chances on the Brogan crate where much lower and can’t be compared. So bad luck.

Every 50/50 crate I’ve seen has been a hilariously bad deal anyway. Can’t believe anyone actually bought any tbh.

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It took me 585 days to unlock Prophet and I didn’t even get him in a crate. I had to farm those frags in the heronium store. Same with Artemis but she “only” took around 500 days

As much as I want those 7* heroes, because i’m a completionist, I just never see them used anyhow. Or vare rarely at best.

So they,d just be 4 more heroes collecting dust … I’ll just amass frags slowly like Nao has done

163 days myself and 380 on Prophet, 220 Artemis, and 75 Brogan. Just from Heronium, black market, and alliance store. So be patient I gues it should be possible within a year as I only seriously focussed on them 2 months ago.

3 more heroes! Or who’s the 4th secret 7* hero?

Yeah I don’t need them for a team I just want to have them all :joy:

It will go way faster for you than me. Heronium store haven’t been out that long and that’s where I got most of my frags

I think I’ve never seen Artemis in that store but I probably just didn’t pay attention.

oops, sorry 3.
I’m still missing elite rifleman and I had a ditsy moment and put him in there :wink:

He would make a perfect 7*!

I may bother to get him down the road… probably once his faction is the highlight of the month

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