Monthly trial crate

I don’t know how to get that subscription to get that crate?

It works just like any in-app purchase. Make sure your payment method is valid and try again.

For what it’s worth, the subscription crate is an absolutely horrendous deal. you’re FAR better spending your money elsewhere in the game. If you want my advice, save yourself the disappointment and avoid the subscription crate.

Don’t say that! I am FULLY expecting Brogan from today’s crate opening. Like I did last time and before that I expected Artemis every time. It’s an awesome deal if you wanna feel these kinds of expectations.

I guess it’s like a lottery ticket then! You pay a few bucks for the chance to dream for 24hrs about what you’d do with the money if you won. There’s gotta be less expensive ways to let your dreams get crushed than that though :joy:

Really though - the custom crate complete is trash. Anyone reading this should avoid it like the plague.

I’ll flex my Brogan later, you’ll change your mind about this crate!

Wait, you didn’t really change your crate rewards did you??? You completely blew all the progress you had made building up the chances for high rewards!! The whole value of the crate is in the very-long-term, where eventually you get “decent” odds of getting your top couple tiers of rewards. If you ever reset it, you’re shooting yourself in the foot and you might as well just light up your money in flames.

Changing the top reward didn’t affect my %. I was worried about it but it turned out fine. If it blew my % up for the other “kind of good” rewards I don’t know.
I think I have a 0.8% chance to get Brogan now - which means hes basically guaranteed to drop today.

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How much better did the odds for the rewards get in comparison to the first crate?

They start out at 0.10% I think. I’m not entirely sure.

So no helpful increase at all.

Do you all remember how how much hate there was, because it would give such a huge advantage towards paying player?

Anyone that hated on the crate either didn’t look at the numbers closely or had a fundamental lack of understanding of probability lol. If anything, the custom crate takes away from the advantage of paying players because they waste their money on the crate instead of something useful :joy:

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That the math isn’t that strong with many in the forum should be clear since the big ruckus about the new drop rates/item needs.


I wish I could heart that comment more than once hahah

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Back to the original topic:

If you have a valid purchasing method you should be able to start the trial for the Custom Crate. You are NOT charged for starting the trial. However, once the trial period has lapsed you will be automatically renewed for more Custon Crates.

If you are experiencing any technical issues when purchasing the crate please send a ticket to our Player Support team in-game.

This crate isn’t worth the 240 bucks a year that you spend for a slight chance of maybe getting your grand prize now if you got 1 prize from everyone of your category’s that you choose than we might be on a different subject and it might be worth it. If the crate was tiered and you got one prize from each tier than I think the 20 bucks might be worth it.

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