Extreme Greed - Brogan Crate Ripoff

I’ve been saving Gold for months hoping that HHG would sell one of the heroes I still need (Artemis, Prophet).

When they announced a new 7* Mech Hero I figured they would have to offer him for gold at some point and I would finally see a reason to spend the 10,000 gold I had saved. If I couldn’t get Artemis or Prophet, at least I might get Brogan right?

Well the Brogan crate is finally out. Let’s take a look at the drop rates:

Each of the crates past tier 2 offers a whopping ~25 Brogan fragments on average - for a hero that takes 585 fragments to unlock, it’s an absolute joke. Even if you got crazy luck and got the 0.1% chance of 100 frags in each tier, you still wouldn’t have the frags to unlock him!

So that leave’s the “Hero Drop” itself as the only way to actually get Brogan. The first 3 crates have a 0.2%, 0.4% and 0.6% chance for him to drop, the later crates have a 1% chance. I did the math and even if you unlock ALL EIGHT TIERS, at a cost of 13,769 Gold ($250 USD) - you still have only a 5.09% chance of getting Brogan!

That means about only 1 OUT OF 20 people who buy all 8 tiers will actually get Brogan, meaning that HHG designed this crate so that it would only reward 1 Brogan for every 275,000 Gold that gets spent - in USD (at the $100 = 5,600 Gold price) that means HHG is trying to milk its players for $4,900 dollars for each Brogan drop.

This is the last straw for me. I will not continue to give my money to a company that acts with such blatant greed.


I agree no way Im paying anywhere near that saved enough gold for first crate most likely have gold for second but not spending 2600 gold for 3rd to get a free 4th and still not get the hero. Think it just be another hero I don’t have lol

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Yea if you want Brogan then avoid this crate like the plague and wait for him to show up in Hero crates in a few weeks.

Each hero crate has a .19% chance of giving a specific 7* hero. If you buy a 10x for 2,700 gold that gives you a 1.88% chance of getting your desired 7* hero.

Right now if you buy Brogan crates you have a 1% chance at best of getting him for every 2,700 gold spent. Even if you account for the free tiers its still far worse than just trying to get him in a hero crate eventually.

That’s how pathetic this offer is, once Brogan appears in standard crates it will be the best way to try and get him compared to the current crate which is NAMED AFTER HIM!


The crate is essentially a 10x hero crate for a cheaper price for the first 2 tiers and the later ones give extra items in addition to the heroes. This is also the highest drop rate we have ever seen for 7* hero even at the first tier. Ive never seen a crate that offered the full hero, not just frags, for prophet and Artemis that had a higher chance to drop then .25%, this one is dropping brogan at .40% like you stated and even goes up as more is spent. I don’t know why you expect that to be any higher just because he is new to the game.

Personally, I think the the first two tiers are worth it for a lot of players. If they were planning on buying a 10x hero crate, this is 600 less gold at the first tier then normal with the added chance of getting the newest 7* hero at a higher rate. Sounds like a good deal to me for someone still missing some of the heroes. The normal player is probably not going to buy beyond that, and the reasonable player will realize that he has pretty much the same chance to drop as the other two 7*s and maybe think, would I spend this much gold rolling hero crates?

I just don’t get the mentality that people expect to get something that is suppose to be very rare in the game for very little. This hero is not essential to you playing the game, you don’t have to spend the money if you do not think its worth it. If you believe spending $250 dollars for a small chance to get 1 hero in a game with over 60 other ones is worth it ON THE FIRST DAY HES OUT, then go for it. Or you can take the crate for what its worth, a better version of the 10x hero crate, and decide if you feel like spending that gold to most likely get frags for heroes you already own.


The first tier offers 1 chance to get him at .2%.

10x hero offers 10 chances to get a specific 7* hero at .19% - that comes to a 1.88% chance.

So no, it’s not a “higher chance”, it’s far, far worse.

It’s a discounted ten draw. That’s like calling the Super Hero Crate a scam because it doesn’t guarantee you the hero you want.

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I don’t expect a specific hero from a Super Hero crate, hence the name.

But a BROGAN CRATE? Yea, I would not expect him to drop once for every 275,000 Gold spent.

Artemis drops for every 157,000 Gold spent on regular Hero crates.

So yea, hes literally worse than a standard 7* crate drop in the crates NAMED AFTER HIM.

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Fair enough, you have a point. I’m still glad that we benefit though from the cheap costs and slight added benefits.

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Yea I can see your frustration, Some people will get lucky and get him in the first tier while others will somehow decide to spend $250 dollars for the chance of getting one hero. First release of him they wanted to make it separate from just putting him in the hero crates.

If your sole intent was trying to own brogan and you didn’t want anything else these crates had to offer, you are probably going to be disappointed with this one. If you had the gold and were going to use it for heroes anyways, this crates not that bad. Just have to remember that he is a 7* hero, which historically has been the hardest heroes to obtain in the game. If they made him easy to obtain, that sets a precedent for the rest of the heroes they come out with in the future. They will all have to be easy to obtain and then there is no excitement when you actually do get one of those heroes.

It is true that the box seems unfair, but 10x heroes for less than 2700 is perfect for new players, and also for some players who want to improve their heroes, I buy up to 4 boxes and I’m not so disappointed, because I could improve the moyoria of my characters, but if I had wanted a hero of 7 *. Excuse my English I’m from Latin America :V

Have you just devolved into a full-time troll now?

The idea that only one Brogan drops for every $5,000 in Gold spent on that crate is obscene. Nobody here is asking for a cheap Brogan so take your scarecrow fallacy elsewhere.


No am I not a troll.
Sooner or later you will get your Brogan.
You have all the drop rate numbers stated in the crates. If you don’t wanna take the chance then don’t do it. It’s not a ripoff as long as HHG clearly states how lucky you need to be to get him from this crate.
I have 50 Brogan fragments (I think) and I don’t feel ripped off because I knew what kind of crate I was opening just like everyone else knows.

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There are always consistent-trollish responses in the forum lol.

Looking at the odds, it is bad for veteran players looking for that specific magical 7 star Brogan pull. I personally am looking for Brogan, but the odds are just bad. Even the direct brogan frags odds are bad: imagine, you only have a 0.10% chance to get 100 pieces per tier x 5 tiers with Brogan frags = Max of 500 Brogan Frags = with MAX luck, you can’t unlock Brogan by frags alone.

But for most people, this is a competitively priced 10x pull. But the possibility of pulling crap, with 3* heroes at ~4+% each is disappointing. You might end up with tons of surge, operator etc.

On the bright side, IMO, tier 4 may be considered cost-effective for newbies. Imagine for 40 pulls you will only pay 5667 gold vs 10800 in 10x hero crates, albeit with restricted/adjusted drops.

And don’t forget about the 1,8k stamina you get as a bonus too.

If you are only interested in Brogan the crates don’t help. Otherwise it is the best offer we had until now.

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So I decided to open up to tier 2 just to test it out. So that’s twenty pulls with 2 guaranteed 5*+.

For my 5*, I received 2 Phalanx, 1 hideo and 1 Phoenix = meh.

And would you believe, I got 5 Bolts, 3 fischer and 2 Surge? I feel like it’s the most unlucky shit I’ve seen. HAHA I don’t believe the published odds. 5 Bolt is just ridiculous.

If your goal is to get brogan, you are right. This a terrible way to go and I think the crate can be misleading. But in fairness when you compare this to either the 10xcrate and usually very beneficial super crate 10x pull which is very cost efficient, this is better than both. Sure its an awful way to get brogan, but its not like the crate itself is unfair in the offering. Its just very misleading.

7 star heroes are the upper crust and imo are not any better (and sometimes worse) than most of what you see in meta. I am in the same boat - don’t have the 3 7 star heroes but i have everything else. I bought tier 1 crate here and got a few 5 star dups. Honestly i find it gold well spent in comparison to the other hero crates.

You also have to remember - HH needs to make some money. They are more than fair with how they let us farm heroes/frags/gold. If you have been playing this game long enough, you dont need to spend a dime. Even for the monthly heroes when they come out, you can save enough gold to get to the guaranteed tier for them. Something has to give. HH needs to find ways for higher end players to spend money. This is a fair way to do it for those that really want Brogan early.

One final point - you said you saved 10k gold. That likley means you farmed it all in game right? So the greedy company took all of the gold you saved but didnt spend money on? Youve gotten to play this game for free for months and you didnt get the new stuff for free? Youre right…how unfair. Sorry to sound sassy, but we have to remember HH needs to eat and keep the lights on to keep bringing us content each month (each month! thats a lot for any game!). I personally think they have been plenty fair and thats why i still enjoy this game.


Sadly there’s no guarantee that you will EVER see any of the 7* heroes. I’m currently missing 4 heroes. Other than the Galante, which I have never tried for either, you can guess which ones I’m missing…and I won’t go into how many times I’ve pulled shit like Surge frags, Fischer or Scum frags etc…I only got Heimlock a few weeks ago, and that’s cuz I was able to buy his frags from the alliance store…so crates are a crap shoot, and with a 0.19% chance there is never going to be a guarantee that you’ll acquire these 3 heroes. (Brogan and his Hawaiian shirt being probably the only one I even care for tbh).

got 60 brogan frag.Got new oracle,heckler,hideo fracqui or something,odachi,phalnax,and panzar!i i opened upto the free crate.I am happy cause i got panzar and all the 5* i was lacking except heimlock.And tons of other toons that was useless too.


Think the main point is no Guarantee win even after dropping some insane cash into game. I’ve spent more than enough lol, I got 30 frags from 2nd tier crate for brogan.

Yes when you look at it your right it a 10x crate which is reduced from its normal 2700, Think the fact it a Named crate players willing to drop what gold it would take to get Tier 8 would expect the hero at end if it came from frags or a guaranteed win.

But on plus note I Did finally get Heckler lol just prophet artemis and now Brogan to go

Sounds like a real treat there! Congratulations on your new heroes. Odachi and Oracle and Heckler and Hideo and Panzer are all great.