808 in bounty


For everyone that thinks 808 cheated. We didn’t.
As u can count there’s 26 on our roster.

So no, we did not swap players through the event.
Thank u for watching. Hope the discussion officially ends now.

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People actually think you guys cheated?

We missed half the alliance, and you guys are up by 5 mill in power.

So this doesn’t seem weird right?

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People think you cheated wow that’s just bad out

yea, apparently people were complaining in VIP, and maybe it was because we were down 1-2 players at the start if the bounty, and W4L just wanted to set the record straight :slight_smile:

It is sad, because I actually enjoy the challenge of competing against the other Bounty Powerhouse Alliances, but it loses some of the good vibes if people think there is cheating going on :frowning:


Where was dopedgoat?

Dopegoat is enjoying his well deserved holiday :slight_smile:

@Aladem, I’m not from 808 :sweat_smile:

Showing pictures but blocking the scores. Idk how it qualifies as a “thanks for watching”.

If you guys didn’t cheat, who cares. Move on with things.

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Wow that anyone would accuse 808 of cheating is unbelievable. While we have our differences W4L I would NEVER think you would allow that in your alliance.


808 keeping it real since day 1 XD

How do people even cheat? Good job guys! We ended in the 60s and wow the score of the top 3 is insane.

I cheated in an egg and spoon race when I was 5 - I’m sorry, I’ve not told anyone before now.

Please don’t hold it against me


How can my alliance also have 26 players in it?

I read a few discussions about bounty the other day. It wasn’t 808 people were talking about. It was the Mexico alliance that was at rank 1 the first couple of hours. They thought they were kind of exploiting as they only had 20 members with about 6M total power and yet they were beating both 808 and 251 who had more than double that power. They ended up slowing down later tho and ranking 5th.

I was wondering the same thing lol :rofl:

Uh. What’s going on?

Edit: I mean we know the higher ranking alliances have paying players but where’s the cheating accusations coming from?

@SS4U2NV Once you make a transaction to @Huginn personal bank account, starting around 10.000$ each player, special discount if you want to add 100 players I heard, somewhere around 800.000$ if I remember correctly.

But don’t spread this, it’s classified information.

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Lol I guess I’m out then, too rich for my blood. :rofl:

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If someone leaves/is kicked during the bounty they still show up on the damaged tally


We must have been cheating Lol