Adios Amigos

My time with Hero Hunters has come to an end. After nearly a year of playing this game it is time for me to move on – no more bounty hunting or PvP farming for me.

It has been a great journey and the most fun I have had on a game since I played World of Warcraft. To all the players from Terra, TPTW, 251 and finally x251x thank you for all the fun times and achievements. You are what made this game fun to me. After chasing first place we finally achieved it – shoutout to the Hawaii Warriors for the competition and being there to chase. The thrill of the chase is really what motivated me. W4L / Dope great respect for what you guys achieved as consistently being first is very difficult. Hopefully you continue to put up the good fight!

This last bounty was undoubtedly the best achievement as an alliance that I have been involved in. After coming up against a combined OWN team constant swapping players to refresh with guys with more resources (energy / bucks) – at least 43 before I stopped counting – the 25 of us managed to stick together and work as a team and score a resounding victory. What better time to bow out of the game?

The main reason for this forum post is to prevent any rubbish being spread by the trolls in VIP chat about my reasons for leaving the game. My main reason is the arrival of my son and the desire to make time count with him however the constant exploiting that goes unpunished in this game and the toxic climate that has entered the community in recent months also contributed. The speed exploit (fixed finally thanks HHG but noone got punished. MXVIP anyone?) and the frequent abuses in bounty that continue to go unaddressed have really taken the toll and reduced my motivation for the grind that is HH. I hope that HHG can pick up their game and add new content to keep Hero Hunters fresh for those of you who continue to enjoy the game.

I leave with Guardian and the rest of the x251x council in a good position to stay at the top. I appreciate everything those guys have done on the game for me and it has been a fun journey. Special shout out to Hades – you are a beast bro and I have always appreciated your level headed approach. Keep it classy guys.



I don’t know you from the game (I’m more of a top 250 guy) but I want to wishluck you and your son and the rest of the family. I hang out with babies occasionally and they’re OK!

Thanks for everything @Nezazu.

I wish you all the best with your son and the rest of your life, rest is wel deserved!

oof fare thee well, good luck in the future

Don’t really know you either as it was a while ago I was fighting for the top but I know how much time it takes to be there. Still wish you and your family the best of luck.

Enjoy your retirement with your new family Nez! It’s been great fun rolling with you from the moment you guys formed 251 with incognito. I’ll miss your cheeky humour and your calmness when we were getting spanked by 808 and in victory. Leading/ coleading an alliance is a full time job and thank you so much for doing that tirelessly so that we all benefited. Sorry to see you hang up your boots, but I’m so excited for you that you’ve got a little one to share your life with. Take care, hugs L

Normally I would not care but I read your last paragraph. Congratulations and enjoy.


We played together many moons ago back with Spazz in Terra and you’re an awesome genuine guy.

All the best with your son, kids are the most amazing achievement of all 8)


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Cheers and good luck Nezazu! Don’t worry when your son is older you can come back :).

Appreciated connecting with you, sharing ideas and talking about the game. Although our alliances are always head to head, you fought with honour.

no idea who you are, but so long and thanks for all the fish

Nez it has been a pleasure playing the game with you brother. I will always remember the great times chasing 808 with you; being spanked hard by 808 (remember losing out on the bounty by less than some 300 points…lol) and the times we won. I will miss seeing your consistentcy across all aspects of the game…be it free pvp to grind it out for gems/crate or pvp tournament or bounty and the constant strive to be better.

Appreciate all the hard work you put ingame and all the behind the scenes diplomacy.
Best of luck on the fatherhood journey. I’ll speak to you on discord - keep in touch.

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Congratulations on the new family, don’t really know you in-game but I wish you the best!
Rest well, Hunter.