A couple of interesting glitches in PVP today

Today I was playing pvp, and a couple of…abnormal…events came up. One was that there was no map?

And the other was that the enemy was using flatline and cinder, and flatline (assumable) respawned cinder Inside of a storage crate:

I’ve had the Cinder problem for the past few days now. Makes it redundant to use her since she’s unable to move once in the crate lol.

Nobody puts Cinder in a crate


The graphic changes are due to your internet connection and your memory is full. Clean cache, restart device.

The Cinder glitch has been around for months. You can use it to your advantage.


Makes sense… the cinder thing tho is crazy lol

Can’t do that on iPhones

Yes you can.

Mate, ive noticed you have a habit of commenting without knowledge.
Its rather saddening and i believe there wont be many in the community who take you seriously.
You really should do a bit of research before commenting on these topics.

Then tell me how I can clear my cache mate. Because the only way you can clear iPhone cache is deleting and reinstalling

What saddens me is how you can just come at someone with such a rude comment. I’m not trying to mislead anyone. Get off your high horse