PvP Issues

New PvP keeps booting me off. Anyone else having this issue?


I’m in the same situation

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Yep. Tried 5 times and had to force close the app every attempt.

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Same here
But looks like not everyone has the problem if yoi check leaderboard you see some people are already ranked
Btw playing on android

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Same, matches are just constantly loading, then the lose screen :confused:

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Yeah it sucks, sometimes upon reopening the app after forced stopping it it shows you lost when it never even loaded and I’ve literally sat there and watched it just spinning to load for a min straight. :thinking::confused: @Muninn and @Howitzer any insight on this? Please and thank you

Momentary problem, should be fixed now! Let us know if you have any other issues.

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When I join a PvP match the HUD never shows up and its still in the transition phase, so I just get to watch my hero’s die :confused:

I finally can play pvp again but now I missed my revive reset so I cant play as much as the people that could play from the start so it isn’t really fair because if I lose now I have to wait 11hours for my heros revived and otherwise it was just one hour till they get revived and I could play a few matches

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Thanks! Is there gonna be any replacement or anything for the lives we lost when we couldn’t play?

Upgrade!? What a joke! Pvp still sucks!

Don’t judge from this 3 vs. 3 event, it’s likely that we’re using and meeting bad team compositions in these events.

I hope this is not the fix to PvP. I just won 1 out of 15 matches. Facing opponents 5k to 6k higher power than me. Last match lasted 8 secs total. My 9* took 2 hits and died, 1.5 seconds into the match.

I actually won but because of the bug with gammond it ended in a tie :joy:

To be clear, we’re not aware of a Gammond bug. When his Gold activates, he’s invincible for 12 seconds, which a lot of players haven’t got used to yet and have decided that it must be a bug.

If there’s something else beyond the way his Gold works, let player support know.

@Muninn This doesn’t happen all the time.

But I can explain how this happens most.

when gammond is the last one alive and didn’t had his skill activated yet the game ends when he hits 0 hp, but at that moment his gold skill starts to work so he has 1 hp and the game is over, thus he’s still alive and you can’t deal with him anymore because the match ended.

I also see him die right away, without his gold being activated, or a few seconds after this skill was activated, most of the time a healing skill is active and makes it that you can kill him before the 12 seconds end.

I have even seen, although I was not able to screenshot, where Gammond was last to “die” weapon fell out of his hands and then he laid down like he was dead. But still had 1HP and the match ended with it showing him alive.
Looked goofy haha.

Wht is it that we didnt get any compensation for the pvp was offline for some people and some other people could just already ranking up and the players that coulndt play missed the revive of the hearts so it isnt really fair to the people who couldnt play the pvp and coulndt rank as high as others that could play from the beginning of the event