Co op pvp event almost unplayable!

really getting tired of being booted after every match and the few matches that don’t boot me are either black screen or I can’t control my heros…gotta do better HH!


Same here. I stopped playing this PvP event.

Some players were kind enough to send in support tickets, so we’re taking a look at the issue being reported based on the info they’ve provided us.

Remember: we can’t do much to troubleshoot and solve issues on the forum. Please see the forum rules re: issue reporting. You’re free to discuss issues here if you want, but we can’t guarantee they’ll be resolved if you don’t report them to player support, as doing so provides us with key information we need to resolve issues.



I also noticed that killing the app 3 times trick does not work anymore to try reconnecting the match. I have to fully reboot my phone to connect …game over,
lost heart

I posted a ticket. They’re response was … ready??
my phone is old… I don’t have enough storage and please make sure my phone isn’t running too hot.

Those are standard troubleshooting steps. If those aren’t the problem, let them know, and they’ll tell you what comes next. Sometimes, people take offense and get mad at this stage, and support can’t help anyone if people aren’t willing to work with them.

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I’ve mentioned this. I told them my phone is new. I have a bunch of storage. Then they said the same thing and closed the conversation.

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So yes. This was super annoying!


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