A farewell from the current Terra Commander and the untold stories about super alliances (251 and M4RC) and TERRA

Every beginning has an end and every end is a new beginning, I would like to announce my retirement and deliver this valedictory speech to all my precious friends and compares in game. My in-game name is Raicoz and I am also known as DevStar, I am the current Terra Commander and this is my last untold story about TERRA and super alliances.
I will explain about super alliance first and if you are interested why I leave this game and what TERRA history and future is, it is at the bottom of this post.
What is a super alliance and its benefit? Super alliance has only competitive players who are strong enough to compete for top 1, proven themselves over and over with commitment, loyalty, dedication to each other and want to promote the sister alliances where they come from; when players want a slower play, more time to spend in real life, they could come back to their previous alliance to have a place to talk, enjoy game with your thick and thin compares; furthermore, your growing alliance could also prevent losing your top members to other higher rank alliances. The game is for you to relax and enjoy so I hope every alliance could become friends, not enemy.
Currently, we have 2 super alliances as M4RC and 251 as both aiming to compete for top 1 with 808 with a healthy competition.
M4RC is formed by 4 top 5 alliances as MERRK, WOUND, TERRA and FAZE. M4RC is created to promote and maintain stability amongst members who are willing to fight hard and sacrifice for one another. M4RC’s goal is being top contender in any event and providing the best culture/environment for players to grow and a place which player could return which is our sister alliances. As M4RC, TERRA, MERRK, and WOUND are family, players could decide by themselves to join M4RC when they can meet the requirements or come back to their original alliance/family anytime and it is up to the player’s decision, not a requirement! Finally, Faze Alex and his FAZE is not with M4RC. We are separated as we disagreed about our agreement and he kicked his own FAZE members. Both of us have our right so I have nothing to talk about it. If your alliance wants to join M4RC or you want to join our big family, please contact any M4RC officers as we were both commanders in our previous alliances.
251 is formed by 5 members of 808/941 and Terra Pay To Win. 251 is more than just a game group, it is a standard gameplay, talk and behaves. 25 people playing hard for each member and vice versa. Competitive play is what 251 do and protect their name, 25 for 1 and 1 for 25. It is very cool here as 251 has its own council so everyone can decide and vote which is the best for 25 members. If you are a competitive player and haven’t decided an alliance you should join, you must check this alliance.
History of Terra and the current TERRA.
TERRA was created with the purpose to provide the best culture for good people gathering and enjoying the game together, which players can grow together through thick and thin. With having great people, TERRA had a golden era which we were top 3 alliance during 2 months and had most respect from other alliances. However, everyone has their real life and you cannot avoid the real-life issue, TERRA lost our most 2 key players Chris(our founder) and Spazz(our XO) because of the real-life issue and I was on vacation for 2 weeks that time. “I had the real-life problem that time as well and planned to retire but still having TERRA family so I decide to play a little bit longer so make sure TERRA following the plan” which I will discuss about below. After that, players didn’t feel Terra as Terra before so some retire, some change family to 808, 941, QTM. Thanks to Nezazu as becoming a leader that time, we can keep what we have left. After I came back, what I saw is bigger alliances swallowing small alliances or the stealing members or the mergers. I totally disagree with these things as the game is the environment where players can enjoy the game and make friends so I want to build something that helps alliances becoming friends, not enemy. After spending day and night, I came up with the plan where alliances corporate, become friends and help each other to grow; so I asked my closest friend Jedi(PTW Commander that time) about this plan and we start joining the same discord and having a plan to form a super alliance with top 25 people to compete for all the events when we are strong enough (we succeed with TPTW super alliance). After that, new super alliances coming out as TPTW > 251 > M4RC.
Now, “it is a good time for me to retire to face my real-life problem” and Chris, our TERRA founder came back; I also drove TERRA to the direction as we want and build the foundation for super alliances. The current TERRA is a family focusing on good culture, players can decide to stay with us or joining M4RC for competitive plays anytime. The current TERRA doesn’t aim for top 5 alliance at all, we are happy to stay at top 10 and having the great family and good relationship with other alliances such M4RC, 251, QTM, PTW, INFMS…. Our TERRA family shares the same discord server with PTW, INFMS and only Duchess[QTM] which both helps each other to grow and have fun chat every day.
My last words:
I want to every alliance could become friends, not enemy and this game will become healthier, more competitive and enjoyable. I was not happy about what [808]W4L posted in this forum before, it was like more about bringing down M4RC than helping Hero Hunters to fix their game. I disagree about cheaters as well and support banning them so I understand W4L had his right here but if W4L thinks again, he could make the post much better I believe. And I believe in Joker, he is crazy and is a monster for sure, if you know me, you should know I always play 24/7 for bounty; I saw Joker was online and playing 24/7 like me in the previous bounty and he scores 4 billion damages by himself even we decided to stay 3rd and rest on the last day! This is just my opinion, please don’t comment anything related about this in my farewell post. I believe Hero Hunters working so hard on this and they will give the best answer for all of us; they will fix the exploitations if it has truly happened and hackers/exploiters could not keep their performance and show themselves. We should believe/support the game maker and help them to make the game better.
P/s: if I and another 4bil Terra bounty hitter staying in 251, you will never know what will happen last bounty :wink:
“I [may] come back in a far future when my real-life problem is solved” but I will be always in TERRA-PTW’s discord server. If you look for me you can find me in TERRA-PTW’s discord server or find my ID as DevStar#8342. I will give my account to my cousin so If you see my account online, it isn’t me.


On behalf of Terra, PTW, Qtm and Infamous family, i would like to say thank you for your help, guidance and mentoring from all of us. And thank you as well for creating 2 super alliance and keeping Terra alive. The game will not be the same without you. And from me, thank you for being my friend on shared acvount. It been fun and enjoyable playing with you brother. I will miss playing together with you. So all the best on your next gaming venture. And keep in touch with all of us.
Thank you Devstar

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Some admission in this post remind me of the old classic joke “how many ??? It takes to change a light bulb…” but I digressed. :smiley:

It is always sad to see players leave a game so I’m sorry to see you go. Hope you sort out your RL issues and find your way back.

About my leader W4L’s post earlier, it will be easier for anyone to understand his perspective if one truly put alliances aside and put himself in W4L’s shoes. We see some names on the leaderboard but amazingly no one ever get to meet them during pvp matchups ever 24/7. (Trust me when I said we have players in 808 that are online 24/7 like joker too)

And despite feedbacks to the support about the glitch, nothing ever happens. But after W4L’s outburst on the forums, several 808 players finally have the pleasure of meeting these players during pvp events. Coincidence much?

Nevertheless, this is just a game imo. From my own perspective and experience since I joined 808, the leadership in 808 truly aims to help Hero Hunters community. On my first day in 808, I asked for the guild rules and was told that one of the rules is to be helpful on global chat. (I mean what kind of guild rules is this? Lol). On 1 occasion when I joked that a update was released, my officer pm me immediately not to make this kind of jokes to mislead the community. (This is how serious 808 leadership is)

Anyway I said my piece. I hoped I managed to clarify that 808 is about clean competition and helping the game and most importantly what kind of person W4L is. I stress again his outburst is about the glitch and the people exploiting the glitch to climb the pvp leaderboards only. If anyone is feeling that W4L is attacking his guild, then maybe one should look at the company he keeps.

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Goodbye my friend I miss you too :-(:-(:frowning:

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Didn’t have time to know you better, but thanks for the game. We will miss you

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Hi DrizztRay, thanks for your great post! 808 is the greatest alliance I ever known and many friends of mine are from 808 so I know the things you said are all true. I understand W4L point of views, and I hope that devs listen to our bugs report so everyone could have a clean and healthy competition here. However after that post, M4RC received a lots of bad talks in VIP and private message about alliance of cheaters and the disband of us will come soon. I talked about the fact which happened here not about any feelings. I hope we both could understand my and W4L’s point of views so there are no more mistakes in the future and I believe my players; if they cheated with enough proven from devs, surely we will kick or let devs banning them so let wait Hero Hunters giving us the best anwer here. I believe TERRA has the same vision of 808 as well, pretty sure if you have any friend in TERRA, they will say the same thing what you did say ^^. Hope the devs could fix any bug as soon as they receive our reports so we won’t go into this kind of confusion anymore. Let’s have a clean competition, supporting and enjoying the game together from now!

How does colluding with the top players to get the top rewards make the game more competitive? More competitive for you perhaps, but did you ever think about how it affects the community as a whole when you concentrate talents/P2P power/Beta-ness etc? There is a reason why there are competition bureaus in business regulation because combining decreases competition, not increase them.

I’m not trying to rain on your parade. I read your goodbye letter. You kept on talking about combining forces, yet you antagonize another guild for “swallowing” other alliances. That’s contradicting right? That’s a prime example of hypocrisy.

But I’m glad you chose to face real life instead of the game. Games are suppose to be fun and ideally should help you cope more in your real life. There should be a strengthened ethical disposition for game developers to ensure that escapism and addiction are not consequences of their game designs. But money is always the end of the line right?

Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy your life beyond the game. Cheers.


Didn’t know you sweetie but fair competition is great. Respect the effort you and other leaders made/make having done it before in another game it’s tireless and consuming. Love your sentiments and good luck. Come on and ask a 251 leader to join just to play and regain the fun! Trust me it’s a weight lifted. Otherwise enjoy your retirement and don’t go spending on a new game in a years time! Love l

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I assume you are unfamiliar with the current situation at the “top” in this game, but in fact collusion to form another super alliance was perhaps one of the only ways these players could compete for #1 or 2.

I am not in any of these alliances, nor am I close with any of the people in these alliances, so I am not writing this due to some ulterior motive or personal bias.

This was not a fair or level playing field to begin with. HHG made the somewhat unique decision to allow people from beta to keep ALL their progress and heroes. We are not talking about a couple weeks or even a month, but more than an entire YEAR. These players, I assume by virtue of the established relationships they had with one another from playing together in beta for so long, naturally congregated together into the same few alliances. From the first day I started playing this game until now, one alliance has taken the #1 spot over 90% of the time. These alliances are filled with these beta players who have been playing the game for over 360 days and have rosters filled with 10 star heroes and over 400K power. These alliances have 8 million+ total power. Most people resign themselves to maybe rank 4 or 5, at best, from the start, due to this imbalance. I have no illusions myself. Unless I spend at least $3-4000 thousand dollars I will never be in the same league as these players.

That’s why some alliances have taken to labeling themselves “#1 non-beta alliance.” So how do you compete with a Wallmart, or an Amazon.com? By colluding with other large but lesser companies. that’s how.

Make no mistake, I do not fault or harbor any ill will towards these beta players at all. They have done nothing wrong and even (mostly) joining the same alliances is only normal and natural. However i DO fault HHG for this uniquely odd decision (I don’t know of ANY other game that allowed beta testers to keep such a huge amount of progress) that will perhaps prevent HH from ever having a level playing field for competition.

Edit: Actually collusion is the completely wrong word for this situation, and in the analogy I gave about competing with Walmart. MERGING is what happened here.


Dev it has been a pleasure playing the game with you brother. I will always remember the great times in TERRA where I learnt to play this game. I will miss seeing your ridiculous damage numbers in bounty and the constant strive to be better.

Terra will live on with Chris in your absence. Appreciate all the hard work you put ingame and all the behind the scenes diplomacy.

We Are One will push for first as part of your dream to compete with 808. A challenge we always wanted to achieve together. Best of luck outside of hero hunters. I’ll speak to you on discord - keep in touch.


I think it’s unfair how you started your statement with how “unfamiliar” I am with the “top” game just because I’m not a part of these “top alliances.” That’s a fallacious way to drive your point.

Everyone knows and feels the beta players issue that ruined the competitiveness of the field. That’s a primary pain point, I agree. Collusion is the right term because the goal really is to concentrate the power to concentrate the rewards. Let’s not hide that fact. Be confident on what you’re engaging at. Merger is generally a neutral term. But based on the story I read, it’s more than just merging.

HHG definitely fudged everything by not separating the beta players but people reacting by colluding in the guise of community aka “family” building / creating “healthy” competition is such a cancer for the rest of the community. That’s my opinion and I accept that reality. I’m not even taking it against you since that’s how a free market works. And I’m happy with my top 50-100 guild.

You can do whatever you want at the “top” of the game. But if you can’t take the heat of these “realtalk” perspectives, then maybe you guys should start to seriously consider not publicizing these melodramatic issues. Just a thought on how defensively insecure you “top” guys get.

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As I said, I “assumed” you were not familiar with the situation at the top because, if you were, I could not grasp how you could consider their behavior anti-competitive. in fact it is the ONLY way they had any chance of competing with 808, 941, etc. If I was wrong, I apologize for making an incorrect assumption, but stand by my point that this was not anti-competitive by any means.

These are guys that play the game 24/7, have spent thousands and thousands of dollars, yet had no chance to compete for the top spots because of the huge advantage beta players had. My alliance got hurt by their actions as 3 of our members left to join MERKK because MERKK had lost several members to the new super alliance and was actively recruiting. Yet I totally acknowledge the right of those players who formed the super alliance to do what they did, and understand why they did it.

Lastly, collusion is separate entities working together to gain a collective advantage over those not in the “cartel.” There are no alliances working together here, and there is not even a mechanism in game for alliances to form … alliances (rofl) … to overtake competitors. I guess it’s not exactly a merger either since entire alliances did not join to form a new alliances, but rather just a handful of members from 4 or 5 alliances, but IMO it’s still much closer to a merger than collusion (which would result in a cartel).


Hi tamonizer,
I totally agree with you about this. If you have no money(PayToWin), time(Beta Player or 24/7 professional gamer), you cannot compete to the top. I would love to stay in any alliance like you if I didn’t pay too much in this game … when I realised that I did spend more than 3000$, there is no much other choice. And I ended up to stick with TERRA, this post is my feelings and what I experienced with other people and top alliances. I agree my talks just about top players who want to compete to take top and I didn’t think about the rest :wink: so if you are happy with ur current alliance, it would be great! Thanks for commenting in my post ^^


I never knew about the backgrounds of the super alliances. Good to know


Please do not resurrect long-dead topics.

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