A Farewell Message to the HHG Devs

Developers at Hothead Games,

With the transition of ownership over Hero Hunters coming to a final close within the next couple of weeks, I wanted to take the time and let you guys know how much you are appreciated. More than words can describe. All of the updates have brought new challenges, (and sometimes even headaches) but I have loved them all nevertheless. Your continued support over the game has kept many players like myself engaged with the game. Some of my fondest memories of this game have always been when Skathi, Munnin and Toebeans were hanging out in VIP Chat, just talking with us players. This kind of interaction means a lot to us, and I really enjoyed the conversations and jokes shared while you were in the chats. Dev-astations have also been some of my favorite times in the game. Getting the chance to actually battle one of the creators of the game, is a cool concept to think about. Being undefeated against them is also great too. :stuck_out_tongue: I have been playing Hero Hunters for a little over 3 years now, and I have loved my time spent here, growing my account, and connecting with alliance members. This game has become part of my daily routine, and I hope to see this game thrive for many years to come.

But that’s enough from me, how about I let some others share their experiences with Hero Hunters…

From Razielo:

I’ve been a gamer for 30 years and and HH community has been the best community a player could have wished for. This community has seen me get married, begin my career, and become a parent. I am thankful and grateful for having had the HH community near and dear to my heart for all these years. This community is what gamers dream of, with devs who have participated in communication with us and listened to some of our feedback.

Thank you, HH, for providing an exceptional gaming experience for so many and most importantly, for fostering a passionate community of creativity and friendships. I have made many friendships in this game, many whom may become lifelong. Thank you for passing on the torch in the hopes that this game continues for many more years.

From Ghastly:

It’s been an honor Devs, if you ever need anything in the server if you wanna stick around you know you can always rely on me and the mod team here. This server is in the good hands of our team and our new DECA friends. Good luck!

From Vintermyst:

I’ve really had a great time playing Hero Hunters over the years. Y’all made it a very fun experience, one which I will definitely remember for a long time. Definitely will be something I remember with fondness! Thanks to your hard work and care for the community! This old Avengers reject will miss your presence here!

From Cpt. Lappo:

Thy dear skathy, thou mass’s been vast since thyself’ve meet thou.
Thyself’m not brilliant with vast goodbyes excepth please, onth readeth these lest vasteth words.
Thou where thy third fan among thy othereth developers, excepth thy onth for talking to thy.
Thyself accepteth beaten thou several times on thy ownageth fights hence keep mocked for thy wins excepth thou where stilleth taking thou mass happy.
Excepth… Thyself… sorry, thyself almost cried… am too sad to write anything that create sense, thou mass’s not insideth thy character.
all thyself caneth proclaimeth is… Ferewell thy queen!

From XUSMarineX:

Dear Dev’s. I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on HH. I’ve known many of you for a long time and had many conversations to help better HH. Thank you for always being willing to have open conversations to help all of us to better understand and enjoy the game. Too many HH devs have left and. Now we have to say goodbye :wave: to the few left and hello to a new crew. Please take care on your new travels and jobs ahead. Thank you again.

From Osric Temper:

Just wanted to thank everyone at Hothead Games for these past five years of hero hunting, really sad to see you all go. It’s been a really fun ride and I wish you all good luck in your new ventures

From Avatar Mellow:

After my four and a half years of playing this game I never thought the community could be blessed so much with a person like you. I never thought a game could change my life so much. I always went to sleep at night excited to open my phone the next morning. And that is mainly because of you! You’re not just a developer to us. You’re a friend, family. Always will you be welcomed here with open arms. The memories we made together and the things you taught me will always remain in a special part of my heart. I will never forget that! I thank you very much for your service and dedication to this game and I hope the best for you, wherever you go or whatever you do!

From Megha01:

Heyo Hero Hunters team! This transition is really happening huh? Hero hunters will always be one of my favorite games, It’s a part of my daily routine. I have met some amazing people through this game, and have a lot of good memories with the community and Devs. Just joking around with Devs, talking about random stuffs and live streams. I was mostly active in HH discord and I enjoyed every conversation with the Devs. Thank you. Thank you for everyone who worked on this amazing game and made an awesome community. The Devs , artists and a lot more people who work behind the scenes. I am so glad I found HH it was an amazing experience. I appreciate every single one of you for all your efforts and hardwork. We will miss you so much. Good luck on your future games and projects! Until next time.

From Viejo Boros:

Dear Hothead Staff,
When I first started Hero Hunters, it was a new game for me that seemed different from the other mobile games I had played before. In this instance, it is one of the games that has been on my phone for many years now and I don’t plan on going anywhere. I remember when the original staff had hosted contests on Facebook about upcoming heroes and I managed to win a few times with one of the prizes being Wesson. I still have the DM from Howitzer saying that I had one the contest and this made the team at the time very jealous. Hero Hunters as well as the community became a huge part of my life, especially last year. I had spent countless days and hours in the hospital getting cancer treatment, playing the game and talking to people was my way of communicating with the outside world during that time. I thank you all for the good times and memories.

From Pesto:

Well I was extremely fortunate to get help from one of the devs that helped me on a computer science project that I got stuck on for weeks, otherwise I wouldn’t have barely passed that class, lol. Being in HH has given me the opportunity I could never find anywhere else when I got stuck with coding stuff, so the way it has affected me was that it eliminated the barriers that slowed me down from graduating. The thing that I did notice is that because this is a tiny community, you have the luxury of being able to speak to the devs directly through discord as much as you like, whereas large servers don’t have that luxury since they are too busy modding hundreds and thousands of members simultaneously. In all of this, I’m very fortunate that I got a chance to hangout, get to know and talk to the devs that have been supporting the game for many years now.

From Braveheart596:

Thank y’all so much for everything you’ve done for this game. Keeping this game up and running while pushing out updates on a certain day every month is no easy task. This game has brought me into contact with so many people I never would’ve met without it, and I’ve built lasting relationships with many of them. This has been the greatest community I’ve ever been a part of, and I dare say hero hunters kept me sane through 2021. Thank yall ever so much for the work you’ve put here, and you’ll always have a special place in my heart!

From No Ragrets:

I credit this game with reigniting my love for art and character concepts. I’ve begun to practice art on a daily basis in the hopes of being able to create my own characters one day, full of life and personality just like the characters I’ve been introduced to through Hero Hunters. This game has continued to entertain me for over three years now. It’s allowed me to have a bit of escapism when I’ve needed it most. It’s allowed me to meet so many great people across the world. For all of these reasons, I’m grateful to HHG for an amazing game they’ve created and upheld. Thank you for the good times and for allowing the community to get to know each of the Devs on such a personal level. All of the time and hard work HHG has spent on curating the game will not be forgotten!

From BMQ:

Dear all HHG team…especially the current ones. I have known many developers but few like you, a team who are nice and listens to the community. Now you guys have less than a month with us and Skathi leaving HHG, we want to keep all of you forever in our memories and we are going to miss you a lot. We wish you all the best in your future projects and I hope that our paths will cross in a future game.

From StarKnight07:

I was in a difficult time earlier ,I didn’t even know - randomly found HH in Play store and started playing ,HH really helped me keep my mind off things that were bothering me, In a way HH was saving me from lot of self trauma,I have never been on a game like this earlier-was my first game,it’s still the best,so HH holds a good place in my life,Thank you for creating such a Marvel, Thank you Skathi for everything, Good luck for your future endeavors and your life :slight_smile:

From Hanburger:

Hey Devs, sad to see you guys go after all these years. As soon as I downloaded this game 4 years ago, I knew it was something special. Still, I never would have expected it to lead to such strong relations I made with others here.There truly is no other game like this. Thank you for making a great game, and I wish you all the best.

From Qatar:

Thanks for the fun times and all you have done with the development team to Hero Hunters. We have always felt connected through the game and social media.

From Fazeshadow:

Devs, thank you for all you have done for the game, all of the challenges you have overcome, and most importantly the community you have grown. It has been a pleasure chatting with you all and others in the server. You all will be onto another amazing project soon, that is for sure. You will always be our devs at heart, thanks for bringing this amazing game to us. Best of luck!

From Reloadeath:

​​A big thank you to the community manager with the most patience I’ve ever met!
No matter how loud the uproar was, you always kept your cool when users couldn’t.
You definitely provided more than just updates and information to the community.
We will miss you a lot and wish you all the best for the future.

From Neogens:

Hello Skathi! It saddens me to know of your goodbye to us. we might not talked too much but it actually saddens me to hear your goodbye, I can’t even talk to you due to the time zones, But. I know you cared for us,you are an amazing dev I have know. I am not crying you are! sob sob sob. All I can say now is that take care of your next journey, may you have a wonderful future ahead. Good luck on what’s coming to you,we will miss you all HH devs. Especially to our beloved cinder, “YOU” your departure is like you entrust us your platinum skill (Salt the Rain),something may just have demolished (our bonds to you) but you gained some guts (damage) and a time (health) to move forward. We will miss you Skathi. We will miss the whole HH team. Thank you for all the beautiful memories! Love you guys.

From Shizok:

Dear hero hunters devs. You may have just gone to work everyday and not noticed. You have saved my life. This game community can’t get much better. When I had problems in the game yall fixed it. Good work and you are appreciated. We love you more than you realize!! Be safe, have fun. Shizok loves ya!!!

From Mel:

Thank you for the support and effort you have put into this game. When I first picked up HH, I never would have imagined I would have continued playing this long. I also did not expect to make such great friendships with my wonderful teammates. My favorite memories are winning brawl, war chat trolling, and just being able to talk about life with my second fam. For most of us, this game is a nice fun escape from our stressful lives, especially during recent times with COVID. Thank you again, and good luck in your future endeavors.

From Captainramenhands:

The game gave such a good sense of comradarie. HH facilitated a sense of family between gamers. The sense of community and consistency with the holidays, everyone banded together to help us all. I appreciate all of us working together as one team in this mobile dream journey

From Godlante:

Thank you for this incredible game you’ve made. I don’t know what I’d do without Hero Hunters, as it’s not only brought me so much joy playing it, but I’ve formed so many special relationships with so many different people along the way. I’ve met truly some of the most loving and influential people in my life through this game. It holds a very special place in my heart. We will miss you all very much.

What an awesome sight to see, both new and old hunters sharing their beloved memories about the game. I hope that all of these messages bring you joy and comfort, knowing that you have a community of players that appreciate all of your work done for Hero Hunters. But before I bring this little letter of ours to a close, I thought I should show you one more message we just so happened to acquire.

Very Special Message

From the one and only Lord Nikon:

Hero Hunters was always one of those special games that the people working on it were passionate about what they were making and not just in it for a paycheck. Working on it really was a time that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Just being able to meet and work with so many awesome people is something that just doesn’t happen often enough. And of course being able to interact and get to know a player base that is as passionate about the game as the most hard-core sports fans are, really made the day to day a true blessing.

So when Jado asked me if I could write up a quick sentence or two, I didn’t even have to think too hard about whether or not I would. So, sure, the game is being passed on to a new team, but the magic that we made and brought to the game will live on with the players that still enjoy our content on a daily basis. Lots of love!

And to bring this message to a close, let me simply say, thank you Hothead Games… for everything you have done for this community. All of the Development team will be missed greatly. Anyone else who wishes to continue on with these messages can do so in the comments, we’d love to see them!


The Hero Hunters Community




Oh my god, this is so incredible. You are all amazing and wonderful players, thank you for taking the time to write a lovely message, and THANK YOU for playing our game!! It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and I know I’m going to miss it so so so much.

Lots of love to you amazing hunters. You make this job unforgettable :heart:

BRB going to go cry now :sob: :sob: :sob:


Me too. I gotta cry :sob:


Gonna miss you skathi…:heart:


turns on a lighter in remembrance


We love you and will miss you all. Thanks for creating this wonderful game, and thank you Jado for making this post.


Thank you all, it really means a lot.

Hero Hunters is the best game I have worked on and I’m going to sincerely miss it, and this community.

Au revoir!


Godlantes back for a sec!


This post dragged you out of lurker mode ya big softy!



Long time no see. We’ve missed you Nikon.

that’s the gif you used when you left the last time :sob:


I’m not even sure where to begin with. I am so touched that you guys have put this post together. My time working on Hero Hunters has been amazing! I was lucky to see the game built from the ground up and grow with this amazing community. At the end of the day, I really think it was all of the dedicated players who helped me more than I was able to help everyone.

Next week will mark the end of my time as a developer on the game, but I will be sure to pop in once in a blue moon. Hero Hunters will always be a part of my story, and I really loved getting to know you all in VIP chat. Although I will be leaving, you I know guys are in good hands with Deca.

  • ToeBeans, Project Manager/Producer

Still have it screenshotted from the day he left



WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! and you all will be missed!

Thank you for guiding us! thank you for helping us (esp. in bounty hunting), thank you for staying with us, and we will gonna miss you all guys, :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


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