Farewell Omnipotent

Hello Hero Hunters!

Today is my last day at Hothead Games. Its been a wonderful time here, working with the Hero Hunters team, but it’s time for me to move on to new opportunities :scream:

Do not fret, Hero Hunters development will continue without me!

I wanted to thank everyone in the community for chatting both in-game and on the forums, you all made my time working on Hero Hunters a dream. I loved seeing your fan art, stories, and Hero ideas. I even loved to see the somewhat-more-than-passionate feedback posts :innocent:

I hope you will never stop sharing your feedback. All of it helps to shape and grow Hero Hunters for the better.

Working on Hero Hunters has been the opportunity of a lifetime for me.

Thank you!



Thank you for all you’ve done to develop this amazing game, the community appreciates you and will miss you very much!
Best of luck in your future endeavors! :slight_smile: :wave: :heart:


Wish you all the best and good luck. :slight_smile:

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I am going to die now due to sadness



GG @Omnipotent!
All the best.

Goodbye Omni and I wish you all the best with whichever direction life is taking you! I know I’m not alone in saying that you will be missed. Your frequent interaction with the community, especially in VIP chat, was always immensely appreciated by all of us. We’ve been incredibly spoiled thus far having you as an open channel for honest, productive, and candid dialogue.

Farewell & Good Luck :heart:

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All the best🙋‍♀️
And thank you for all sir

You’ve been involved in creating my (and many others) favorite phone game ever! I have no idea what your actual part in the development process was but you did it with grace. Have a cool continue!

Good luck Omni! Best of wishes in whatever future endeavors you pursue.

Omni, good luck man. You have big things in your future. thank you for all your hard work. you were an amazing addition to this game, bud. GOOD LUCK! - RAZ

I really wish you the best of luck in whatever path life has in store for you. Good luck, Omni :handshake: & thanks for everything you’ve done, we’ll miss ya

Farewells are not really the end, but could be the beginning of something good. I take it you are going to work on something else (another game studio perhaps) and wish the best if luck out there.

I dub thee, the Omni King

Hope god make your life awesome after being a very awesome and caring developer…
Good byy omni :cry::cry:

This is the big oof. Good luck on whatever your up to!

Good luck with your new opportunities and chances, thanks for the feedback and communication with the community.

You’ll be missed!

@Omnipotent I gotta be honest you’re the most kindest developer in HH forum, SERIOUSLY this is make me sad :disappointed:

Farewell @Omnipotent

Hero Hunters will remember what you have brought into this game @Omnipotent

Please don’t do that in this thread. Keep it clean and respectful.