The current state of Hero Hunters (w/ poll) [Dev Response]

Hey there guys, hope you all are doing well.

Before I get started, I do want to clarify that this isn’t meant as a personal affront against any person or group, but meant as an honest look at things. With this in mind, let’s please keep the discussion civil and polite. In effect, I wanted to make a post combining all the big changes and concerns that have been swamping HH for a while.

It’s pretty clear that the last two updates have caused quite an tumultuous stir in the community. Many people are not happy with the way things have changed, and some have joined the forums specifically to complain about the changes (which ain’t good). Several other game veterans have already stated it much better than I can, so this post is designed to put the most foundational issues that have plagued the game/forums all into one location.

(If I missed anything or if there’s a major area I didn’t cover, please let me know, thanks everyone.)
I. GAUNTLET :dagger::biohazard::shield:

This has definitely been a major topic of the game for a while now, but since it has it’s own post I’ll try to keep it brief. This is what I’ve heard from players regarding Gauntlet gameplay:

  1. It no longer serves to be a challenge for high level players. Many high players refer to it as a chore. Yes, it is challenging for the new guy, but for people who are veterans, it an everyday task which requires no strategy or piloting. This lack of enthusiasm for a key game component can be parasitic to players’ gameplay enjoyment
  1. As of now, there’s no quick win feature, which means it must be done manually. This contributes to the “chore” mentality of the mode.
  1. It hasn’t changed since the game’s release, while other game-modes have. Because it hasn’t changed it has become very ordinary and unsurprising.

In a nutshell, Gauntlet needs an overhaul regarding how challenging/surprising it is for players, making it an issue of content here. (I do know a fix is coming, so that’s good. We really would like to see that in the April update.)

II. CONVERSION PURCHASES :small_orange_diamond: :dollar: :zap: :crossed_swords:

I’ll be honest, this is bad. Initially, a flat rate for gold → item conversions sounded like a good idea. However, when the actual change was made, it’s caused a major problem for lots of players, especially f2p players, (I’m a VIP3 btw):

  1. While the implementation of the flat conversion rate was a good idea, drastically raising the initial purchase price isn’t. For players to receive a better value now, multiple purchases must be made at once, many times up to 5-6 times.
    Some might say that a player can save up a bunch of gold and spend it in groups, but the problem is that f2p players can’t make more than 2 purchases at a time. This means that it’s a worse deal for f2p players regardless of what they do. Likewise, it only offers an advantage to players with the ability to accrue large amounts of gold quickly (i.e. with real $). In short, f2p are screwed over. :unamused:
    BEFORE → 10+20+20+40 = 4 cash purchases for 90 gold
    NOW → 25+25+25+25 = 4 cash purchases for 100 gold (Lower value)
    The player Sing put it very well in a highly liked comment, concluding it by saying that the recent updates are evidence of the “transition into the Pay-to-Win model.” One of the worst things in any game is when it’s advertised as Free to Play, but it realistically is Pay to Win. It does a disservice to the players, and ends up being more of a frustration than an enjoyment.
  1. A large majority of players only use 1-2 purchases. Any experienced player will know that dumping large amounts of gold into stamina, skill points, and cash is not cost-effective (albeit it’s still an option). Therefore a very large majority of veterans only buy in small portions, to budget their gold.
    To illustrate, if I wanted to buy a cake for $10, I wouldn’t be getting a better value if I had to buy 5 cakes for $50, simply because I don’t want more cakes. I might want to buy some ice-cream, cookies, and doughnuts. If I’m smart, I don’t even need to buy that stuff anyway, cause I can live without all those sweets.

So in short, I believe this to be a very imprudent and inconsiderate decision on HHG’s part. If a majority of players are less inclined to use a feature because it simply cost too much, then it’s a bad feature. In order for the conversion costs to be rational and balanced with the flat rate, it should be:
15 gold → cash
45 gold → stamina refill
15 gold → skill points
To be quite blunt:

III. NEW HERO FRAGMENTS + HERO ACQUISITION :atom_symbol: :man_singer:

I’ve heard both sides on this topic. Some people say it’s a good change, other people say it isn’t, so I’ll try to list the issues as fairly as I can.

  1. Yes, frags for other heroes has a cost in theory, however, it won’t do much if that other hero is already at 5-9 stars. It’s just not a very fun reward at all, and it will probably not make a dent in their frag amount. (Edit: I discovered that the random co-op frags rewarded can be ANY hero, not just a hero from the featured faction. This further reduces the actual value, and makes upgrading faction heroes very challenging.)
  1. To obtain the new hero in time for the first bounty without buying it itself is very hard to do (stressful), if not impossible. It means that f2p people who want to actually be competitive will have a disadvantage going into the first bounty, considering that they have to use the new hero to get enough points. By a logical deduction, the way to actually win is to buy the hero, which is a p2w model, and that is something that will drive away players.
  1. The bundle deal is a cool idea, but is poorly-planned and economically unsound. With Jarek, players had the option to buy him alone for 2k gold, and that’s it. However with Yaeger now, if a player wants to buy him, they will have to spend an additional 1.6k gold for the bundle as well as the hero (combined to a crazy 2.6k gold)
    As a player, I don’t always want to spend tons of money for a bundle, especially if all I want is the hero. Maybe I already have a lot of stuff saved up specifically for the new hero. The bundle assumes I want to have the extra stuff, when I might not.
    I will, however, consider buying the hero if the bundle is separated as a different deal. It gives the buyer more flexibility and comfort in choosing what they specifically want.
    For example, if I wanted to get a cheeseburger at a restaurant just by itself, I wouldn’t buy it if I was forced to get an added side of fries and a drink for 40% more.

There are multiple defenses for both sides, but the conflict sadly speaks to a rift between game-approaches (f2p and p2p). However, this decision inherently shifts the scale towards those who pay money, by default, making it more p2w. No, a hero doesn’t need to be free to obtain in 2 weeks. However, having one single option to obtain that hero feels a bit suffocating, and isn’t very fun.

IV. HERO DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN :hammer::man_singer:

Few players may have an issue with this, and that’s okay. As a guy with an eye for details, however, this is something that is worth being addressed.

  1. With the increasing price of new characters every month, every hero should be well designed. One lacking area is in the voice lines. At the beginning of a wave, the use of a skill, a hero death, or after revival, a hero will respond to it. Some heroes such as Bolt, Dogface, Ryker, Butter, and Cross have unique voices that they only have, which is something that really adds to the aesthetic of the game. However, many heroes (with a large majority of new ones), have been given “generic” voices from other characters. For example, Cinder, Callidus, Flatline, Kobold, Min, Oracle, and Bucket all have the same voice. The same can be said for several of the male heroes.
    I do realize that there are many heroes (nearly 70), and that HHG is a small company with a limited budget. However, IF a new hero is going to cost $30-$40 in real money, it MUST have it’s own unique voice. For it not to is cheaply cutting corners. Finding a suitable voice actor would not be challenging at all, and is something that could easily be solved. People such as Poobgloob have offered such support to ideas like this.

V. DEVELOPER COMMUNICATION / INTERACTION :speaking_head: :speech_balloon:

This is big. It’s probably one of the most fundamental things the community has noticed since the early beta days. As the game has developed, there have been an increasing lack of communication between the devs and the players. It hasn’t been non-existent, obviously, and there are still conversations that happen (Muninn spoke very well to this recently).

  1. I mentioned this in that chat, but perhaps it’s communication / developer interaction that the community really misses. It’s such an encouragement when a dev takes the time to respond to a fanficton, or give a balanced, “safe” answer to feedback ideas. Even to pop in and say hi. Many of us are invested in the game, which means we’re invested in you guys, and your thoughts about HH. Personally, that’s what I really wish to see, even more than the monthly updates.
  1. In my personal opinion, having fewer updates with more interactions would be better than having more updates with fewer interactions. It ensures the trust between the community and the developers is strong. If that trust is broken, then the heart of the game and community is gutted.
  1. I personally love writing fan stories for this game, and appreciate all the player support I’ve received so far. Unfortunately, it can be disappointing if there isn’t much support/response from the developers, as I don’t even know what they think of it. :frowning:
    Not every single post needs to have a detailed response, obviously, and yes there are legal/practical restraints. What many of us simply hope for is a like or a short friendly comment on stand-out fan creations (whether they are hero ideas, fan fictions, or in skin ideas).
    Believe me, as a fan content creator, it goes a long way.
  1. There were also “Dev-astations”, matches with developers from what I hear, things I haven’t seen since I joined. Those would be great to still have.

In a nutshell, there must be some reliable structure for community/developer interaction, in the forums, but also in the discord when applicable. If sincerity/friendly interactions are lost, then the real enjoyment from the game is, in my opinion, sucked dry, along with the fun months/years we had with the game.

It has taken me a LONG time to get this down, so I hope I explained these points well. Many players have been leaving because of these reasons, old veterans too, and I really don’t want more people to become soured to the game too. I also echo what Sing said as well:

Again, I do want the discussion to be polite, so hopefully I wasn’t too subjective in the overview. And I do know the developers are addressing some of these issues.

Please let me know what you’re thoughts on this is, and what is your biggest concern:

  • Gauntlet revamp
  • Conversion purchase adjustments
  • The new system for new hero fragments
  • Unique voices for heroes
  • More developer communication and interaction
  • I couldn’t pick just one.
  • None of these topics are issues for me.
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With kind regards,


Again, any feedback is a appreciated, thanks everyone!

this new price tags are ridiculous


More developer communication and interaction

This is what I’m highly concerned about. Right now many other game discords have interactive devs who enjoy spending time spotlighting players who aced pvp chart, and asking how the players feel about the game almost everyday.

Some of the devs in discord who were super active are no longer communicating with us.

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Any updates on this? We are giving feedback for genuine issues here. Kindly stop hiding our posts :frowning:
What happened to this thread? How can we continue to trust the devs when these issues are covered up without proper replies.

Our trusted community contributor has left genuine feedback about the game’s shortcomings. He has also explained his 2nd post (although with similar titles is more to address the common issue rather than his support ticket himself)

Many other active members have also left valuable feedback about the issue in the thread. The post has been removed. I agree that it doesn’t look good for the devs but the truth is, these issues that are causing so much unhappiness are still in game.

I am disheartened to see issues like this being swept under the carpet. We look forward to your considerate reply.

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@Vintermyst Well said and thanks for consolidating many of the hot-ticket complaints surrounding HH right now.

Unfortunately it looks like the writing is on the wall with Hero Hunters. The devs have signaled unequivocally that they simply do not care at all about their low-spending players, regardless of their loyalty and non-financial support of the game.

The message from Hothead is crystal clear: If you aren’t willing to spend hundreds per month, then we don’t care if you stay or not." I’m watching old friends and long-time players dropping left and right. The game is dying and if you don’t see that yet, then you’re not looking hard enough. Every single update has ushered in a new way to screw their customers and further increase the divide between those that cough up large amounts of money and those that don’t.


You’re right, I had 20 friends when I downloaded the game after the beta. and now he has stopped playing for the same reason.

I’m VIP12 and the currency conversion changes mean I never have any bucks. Im going to have to grind gauntlet every day just to be able to buy a few skill-ups, whereas before I could afford to skip a few days a week (you know, cos irl exists), and buy bucks at a 10-20-20-20-20 ratio. I now have to spend 35 more gold to get the same payout. Sure, from that point on its 25 gold instead of 40, but I wasn’t buying that much in the first place.

In short, HH are charging more for the same product, and they know I’m apprehensive to stop playing because of how much time and money I’ve invested already. The fact is, if I’m struggling with this already at VIP12, god help the f2p guys.


I can’t say anything about the topic since they are going headstrong with the updates

I believe that it’s go I want to stay as much as I can what do you guys think

@Vintermyst @Huginn @Muninn
This is a great summary.

One solution for the unique voices for heroes would be for fans of the game to volunteer to voice new characters. I don’t want any money and I’d sign a waiver stating that as well. It could be a contest also. Just tell us what the lines are, let people submit their voice track, and then the devs pick the ones they like best.


Yes I agree with your idea it seems rather appealing to those who also try to solve the problem of communication with the devs

Really great in-depth look at the whole game. I couldn’t have said it better. Really Solid points.

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It’s certainly a wonderful idea. Hothead company could be much more involving of the community this way. If there were more dev-player interactions, I think many of the issues seen now could be amended. The devs have a critical aspect, real personal experience from dedicated players. As of now, it seems to be squandered.

Hey everyone.
I just want to say that I’m preparing a response to this thread. Once I have I will also pin this thread. But keep the feedback coming while I prepare the response. I don’t want to share in-correct information or word something incorrectly.


@Huginn - This is great to hear and your acknowledgement of the topic is appreciated by all of us.


Impressive post. Love the detail and the time you took to really highlight your main concerns.

I just have one suggestion, to you and the devs. Tread carefully clumping in the term “majority,” when including people who you believe share similar sentiments.

There’s more gamers within HH that don’t respond on these forums than that do. There’s highly active HH players that will be affected by abrupt changes that haven’t responded on these forums because they are satisfied with the game. I’m not here to hijack your well thought out thread, I’ll even steer from giving counter points to each one of your key points. But I’ll just say I don’t agree. I’ve seen far worse situations within games I currently play and have played in the past. In any app that caters to millions I’ll never expect a one size fits all solution and most certainly won’t expect to be satisfied in every aspect.

But have you considered those that are short on time and like the balance of paying for content? Have you considered the popularity of the game vs the number of actual users responding to these threads? It’s dismal, no? Typically, if people aren’t responding in mass numbers-comparatively to the total number of active game users—it means people are content or possibly enjoy the changes.

I’ll use the example of some other popular games. Even though boycotts are against TOS, you’ve seen there’s countless examples of communities coming together in massive numbers sharing frustrations that lead to change. What’s the biggest thread on this forum that aren’t from the exact same people leaving multiply reply’s, a few hundred? Tops? If these issues were really game changing, game altering, can’t live with type changes I’d suspect it wouldn’t be hard to muster more weight from others outside of the daily forum warriors.

Nonetheless, thanks for your detailed post. Glad you’re that passionate and doing something to get things changed.


I wouldn’t say impossible. I does impede it however. That would have been a smart thing to do.

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@ll_Guardian_ll I appreciate the amicable nature of your reply, and I don’t expect every person to agree with my post. As a caveat, I will say that the forums require an email and account, whereas playing the game does not. Also, the players who are “quiet” probably fall on two sides of the same coin. One will roll with the changes with no fuss, the other will simply stop playing the game with no fuss. Both totally fine, both acceptable.

Thanks for your nice response! :wink:


Im not happy with the new conversions or frag drop changes, had the changes of been put out there with a note saying, we need to make more money, I would of actually been fine with it. It was the way it was presented as if it was a benefit to the players.

Gauntlet is boring but currently the easiest way to farm bucks. So I’m ok w it as is. I’d rather not take the chance changes would be just another way players get less then they do now. Based on all other changes I highly doubt any changes will benefit us.

I play w no volume so I’ve never even heard a voice.

I see both sides of the support issues being posted here and would agree with the the devs but I happen to think HH support is the worst I’ve dealt with in any game. If I was the devs, I would want to know my csr team is garbage.

That being said I won’t stop playing. I think threatening to stop playing is ridiculous. I may spend less than I did before conversion and frag changes(VIP14) , example I cancelled my custom crate… . but not stop playing altogether. If they want more money they need to provide more value, not less. JMO anyway.