A good use for Callidus?

Hey, i just found a most likely good use to make callidus extremely good for raids, let me explain her first, firstly of all, we know she deals damage to allies when above 50% hp and she gains hp for atacking players, but understand that she is a tank and even though this seems bad, she is a perfection fo a tank, what i did in raids, i used Callidus, Oracle and Duran, duran would boost and keep my callidus above 50% while giving her higher attack speed which gives her more healing per second, Oracle i used for giving her abilities a faster cooldown charge which is very important for the heal block, then Oracle has that infinite healing which is so extremely good because of one thing, callidus receives 50% more hp when above 50%, meaning that when she is tanking she gains an incredibly high amount of healing and as she is soaking up damage and distributing it slightly to allies she heals that up with her gold which gives small healing when she damages, thus summing this up

Callidus has extreme healing per second while tanking, whilst healing allies that she weakens she basically gains less more damage and more healing which makes her litteraly perfect at tanking
https://youtu.be/iVrBF2JbdQI Here is a video where you can see how good she is at tanking, the allies barely take any damage and haven’t been below 90%. While at some point you clearly see callidus almost reaching 50% and healing that missing 250k in just one second, seems clear to me that she is very good

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But all this tricks is absolutely useless if enemy team including Halo. Any plat Halo easy kill any team with Callidus, because vampirism prokes enemie’s Halo lightnings. This is very ridiculous when Callidus electrocut whole team. :slight_smile:

Callidus have great potential, but need very huge amount of actions for that. This is main rrason why she used so rare. As for me she must be reworked. Huge. Again.

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This is a raid setup, for pvp she isn’t as viable