Halo and callidus

I encountered something kinda odd in the game and wasn’t sure if it was by design or just a glitch.
I found it to happen a couple times in pvp and definitely in gauntlet.
It happened when there is an allied callidus and an enemy halo.
The halo will use her plat skill and callidus plat skill to fry the heck out of callidus allies.
Not a huge problem but I thought that sense halos skills are supposed to be activated only by friendly skills and not enemy skills on other enemy’s should mention it.
Love the game!

  • Thattdude

Try recording it with a duel with an alliance member be interesting to see

I’ve experienced the same but as the halo player.
But it makes sense, when you deal damage to callidus, if she has more than 50% of her health, she deals an amount of damages to her team, so the halo plat is triggered.
And as soon as I have a callidus opponent, I do focus her because of that skill, everyone in her team will take damages, so that’s a huge help (maybe not the smartest or the better strat, but it works !)

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