A Shivs and Shank story / Part 2

Part 2


A guard passed their cell


The guard banged the bars of the cell with his baton
¨Lunch time, maggots!¨
¨Got it, sir!¨ Shank responded with a smile.
Blackwell held silent. ¨So who’s this guy we meeting?¨
A friend of mine. He’s my co-worker. Or. Was, at least.¨ He said with a worry.
¨I’m not sure what he’s gonna think after what i did with the bizz¨
¨So he’s also a bodyguard?¨
¨Senior. But still hella tough. I grew up with that guy. Followed his footsteps like a baby crawling towards their candy. But you know. As things go on, you kinda see the other side of people.¨
¨So i guess you still trust him?¨
¨With my life, girl. wouldn’t doubt him a sec!¨
¨Let’s get moving!¨ he commanded.
They moved past their cell. The hallways and every floor was crowded with inmates walking towards the canteen.
The light illuminating through the glass roof lit up the metal bars and railings. Almost blinding their sight.
¨Now the hardest part. Finding him.¨
They approached the canteen through a dark corridor. Hundreds of inmates on both floors.
other inmates were behind the kitchen, they all wore hairnets.
“Aight. We searching for an older guy. Really big dude. Unshaved. Blonde.”
“Anything else that can point us to him?”
“He likes to lay low. He doesn’t like attracting attention.” Shank commented.
“What about that guy over there? In the corner! She said as she pointed towards a guy wearing a hoodie.
Shank squinted his eyes “Yes. That’s gotta be him”
They walked towards him. On the way a guy had his leg stuck out. Making Blackwell trip.
“AAWH” She yelled once she hit the ground.
“Aww. This little girl can’t even walk! HAHAHA!” The guy yelled.
Blackwell stood up and continued following Shank.
“Just ignore them.” He whispered.
“Not so easy when you have a short temper!.” She said. As she was wiping dust from her vest.
“Aww, little girl’s got a short temper! What are you in for? Being criminally small! HAHA. Little dogs nowadays!”
Blackwell snapped. She pulled out her handmade knife and locked him between her arms as she held it to his neck.
“Call me little one more time, and I will make sure it roots in your warm, squishy neck!” She threatened.
¨Ooooh, little girl’s got a toy!” He continued.
Blackwell took the knife and slowly cut a shallow wound in his cheek.

She whispered ¨I can make a nice scar on your pretty face, if you want¨ in his ear.
“Don’t! Blackwell” The guy in the corner said.
¨You don’t know what you’re starting!¨
¨Yeah, listen to the old man. little girl¨ He said, trying to challenge her.
¨That’s it!¨
She slashed the knife across his left eye. from his cheek across his forehead. After which he retaliated with a punch to her stomach. Launching her backwards.
Within seconds a whole dozen of people stood up and walked towards them.
¨You kicked the hornet’s nest, Blackwell.¨
The guy revealed he had a baton. ¨How’d you get that?¨ She asked
¨Stole it from a guard. These people don’t get paid enough to give a damn if they lose it!”
A male inmate charged towards Blackwell. In response Shank bashed into him. Knocking him meters aside. Another one from the right punched his side. Which didn’t do much to Shank. He grabbed his head and with a swift swirl he smashed it into the table. A splatter of blood rained onto his shirt.
An inmate grabbed Blackwell. Trying to strangle her. She quickly grabbed her knife and stabbed it through his cheek.


He let out a loud, distorted scream as blood filled his throat.
After she pulled it out another splash of blood covered Shank, Who was standing next to her.
“Really girl? You ruining my tank top!”
She squinted her eyes and smiled.
“You’re welcome!”
Another one came in for a punch. He hit her arm as she blocked it.
In return she swiped at his stomach. Leaving a searing cut.
Another guy was charging towards her. She braced herself.
The old man propelled a wrench towards the attackers’ head. Knocking him straight down in his tracks.
The slashed inmate stood up. Blackwell grabbed a metal plate and smashed it in his face. Knocking him down.
As he tried getting up Shanks friend smashed his head in with his baton.
The lighter of the fight came in for another punch on Blackwell. Before he could reach Blackwell Shank grabbed the back of his neck. Lifting him up and showing him to the rest of the inmates.
“You mess with us!? This is what you get!” he said while blood dripped down from the lighters face.
“Now you tell your men to stand down. Or i’ll squeeze so tight you won’t be able to! Ever!” He aggressively whispered.
“S-st-stand d-down.” He barely managed to let out.
Shank put him back down and he grabbed his face.
“You touch that girl and I’ll make sure the other eye is of no use either!”
He pushed him away with 1 hand. After which he tripped and fell onto his back. Trying to catch his breath. Defeated.
“You hurt?” He asked Blackwell and his friend.
“Barely…” Blackwell said with a sigh.
“All good! The guy said
No guards seemed to get involved in it. They sat down and continued their plan.
“So, Mauler. Long time no see, right?”
“Yeah, too long if you ask me. How you been boy? You toughened up. Finally. I heard about how you got in here. Not that smart you know!”
“I know. Boss wasn’t paying up, even threatening to kick me out. I had to teach him his lesson!”
“You’re right, he was acting up, i wasn’t getting paid full either but i didn’t want to cause any trouble.”
“You really are getting old. Guess I got that bit of retaliation from you old man!”
“Stop calling me old! I’m still kicking butt! Just not with the fists anymore…”
“I saw. That was a nice throw there. What you gonna do after this?”
“I was thinking about joining the People’s Guard. They need people in these hard times. And what Kurtz is doing, is just wrong!”
“I heard ‘bout it! Might just be considering helping you out. Have you got anything Blackwell?”
“Nothing yet, can’t go home.”
What’s this thing going on with Kurtz? I heard he was trying to bribe Factions into joining him?” Blackwell asked.
“Exactly, which is fine! But now he’s using force to get us to join him. And that’s why we created the People’s Guard!”
“From what I’ve heard the UAF is battling him. But. There’s something odd about this. I don’t know Kurtz well, but i do know he wouldn’t start a war!” Mauler said.
“Count me in! I will protect these streets with my life!”
“Good to hear boy. But you’re gonna need some equipment. Are you in as well Blackwell?”
“Sure, like i have anything to lose. You guys are the closest to family i have, which is odd considering i barely even know you guys.”
“Alright. How long you guys got here?”
“Both 2 weeks.”
“Good, once we get out here i’ll hook you guys up with some equipment. I know just the guy!


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