The Unoffical Fan story

Ive been working on a fan story of the klg and the members in Discord said i should put it onto forums, I’ve worked hard on it and ive recived awsome support and i hope it continues, if any issues happen with the link tell me ill try to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude this story is great so can I please use this to post it on Wattpad?
I will say that it is your work

That was great! Do you plan to write the next chapters?

Its ongoing im constantly adding more story into it

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Excellent! I mean for me at least… :clap:t5:
And making phalanx a woman :+1:t5:
Good job and cheers!

Great job, loved the story, Keep it up

Isn’t phalanx a woman?
BTW, is it Ghoul or Ghost?

  1. Phalanx is a woman, it says so in her description
  2. Ghoul is his own hero, Ghost is a different hero

You created him or is it the heroes that they are posting on secret draft heroes?

I aint gonna make you read it but yes, I created Ghost and plan to do drawings or concepts of all hero’s/characters that ive done

OK just asking about it

excelsior … I liked it a lot … although sometimes I got confused haha ​​still like that I want to read more haha

Plx add Anvil, the new hero coming out plx?

The thing with the new heros is that i need a vague description on him. We are only seeing his outfit and his combat style, i cant exactly add him when i know so little, but whenever i do actually get more information I can start building a picture and thus he gets added, its the same concept with people like Brogan and Min. I got story on Min and Brogan i really just threw shit at a wall that seemed like it fit his character, he seems like the arms dealer that would constantly be hanging around the Lawgivers stadium, always competing for greater goods like alchohal and more guns to earn more prizes. I will add him as soon as I get more information of him

Hello readers, I’ve decided I’m done with writing this as seen I’m not accepted into the community anymore, so if anyone has interest in continuing on this based off polls I’ve done, I’ll be happy with giving you full permission over the document. Cheers mates and it was fun while it lasted

Oh wow mate
And explain why u are not accepted in the community?

Come on. All of what you did is going to waste.
Reconsider what your doing.
If you still chose to leave, then I can do nothing but say farewell.
Just reconsider.

Not if the story is continued with a better writer, the only way able to get my information is through forums which have proven to not be reliable and the other source im banned from, so if someone can continue it, id be happy

I was curious after snooping through forum and glad what I found.

This is one of the finest story written over here, hands down. You got everything right, from story to technique. I liked how you kept it simple - and you involved characters which aren’t main but dealing with life under Kurtz reign. And you have included discord members as characters - that’s nice.

I am still at halfway and I will put an edit the day I finish, but I didn’t want to forget to congratulate you and urge players to read this story. If anyone’s got another device - just let game play on background and have a guilty pleasure of reading such amazing fan-fiction. If not then take a day off from gaming - it is totally worth it.



Thanks a lot mate, with all the story’s ups and downs I’ve been trying my hardest to keep this going and to receive great feedback like this gives you this feeling that makes you feel like you’ve done something to better yourself and others you affect. I really appreciate all this great feedback mate!:grinning: