A suggestion for the devs

Hello devs!
I’ve been playing (and enjoying, true :blush:) this game for almost a year now. It’s not perfect, but still enjoyable. However, I would like to pitch some suggestions:

  1. Can we have a button that sorts out heroes based on their weapon type for the campaign or gauntlet?
  2. Can we increase the chance of getting platinum gears? It’s just annoying to use 100+ stamina just to get one plat bullet. Or make them available on the gauntlet store.
  3. Please make the new hero frags given in coop raids proportional to the difficulty. Just a thought since Helios Awakens is so difficult, and it only gives 3 frags at level 70! For comparison, Dojo gives 5
    (added)4. Please give us more ways to get the 7 star heroes. Brogan especially is so rare that he’s beginning to look like an urban legend now.
    These are just suggestions. Please continue making this game better. Thanks!

1)Is there any reason for weapon types?
2)Hard mode gives a better chance for plat items
3) Most people already grinded Astrix during the dojo, I’m alright with getting less since I already got her when the dojo gave out 7 and trading usually gives you the max frags

Like the “SORT BY” button idea v much.

Love to see my heros sort by
Elemental type

Did I miss anything?
Besides the practical use of helping in choosing heros for missions or events, it also helps in understanding and appreciating more fully of our collections.

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Ik, but you can only play it 3 times a day. It’s just a suggestion.

I just want a faction sort. Makes it much easier to figure out who’s the bonus faction. (Green highlight is not always there and have to scroll to find them). Also on the gear, before gear was easier to get but had to have more gear per promotion. They droped the requirements for them but made them harder to get even on hard mode (making canisters and gorgans less reason to play them have thousands of the canisters)

I pass all feedback along to the rest of the devs. Everything is weighed and discussed. I can’t promise you’ll see what you want or get a reply back, as we can’t always tell you why we can’t do something, but I’ll pass all the feedback along. Thanks.

Thank you for listening. More power

  1. Sorting by weapon type is not something I desire particularly, but I would like to see sorting by element, positioning, stars (ascending and descending), bars (asc. and desc.), Hero level (asc. and desc.), and skill level (asc. and desc.).

  2. The RNG is fine as it is. Try to look for gear in hard mode missions. There should be a mission for every item that isn’t limited by hero fragments; if there isn’t, I’m sorry.

  3. The frags are fine where they are, too; I just wish the frag rewards were the same for every map. I also wish we could get the new hero in time for the first bounty.

  4. I second this, although I don’t expect much to be changed.

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