Feedback: We’d like to hear from you!

First off, hello and thanks for joining our community!

The Gun Rise team here at Hothead is very excited to really engage and share, with our players. It’s very important to us here to develop positive communication with our community. In a first step towards achieving this, we’d like to hear from you about the kind of communications and content you’d like to see from us, here, on the forums.


Thnx for inviting us here! The FPM alliance will be active on here soon enough

Welcome DSD!
I can’t wait to hear from everyone at FPM

Thanks for opening this communication channel!

I’d like to kick-off with some feedback on PVP. I think the current matchmaking system often isn’t fair and just the selection already determines the battle result. As an example: I often get 23k teams as opponents while I have a 33k team and I often get matched against 35k teams to which I don’t even have a chance of winning.

Further along, I understand that you need a lot of users playing PVP around the same time in order to match them together. I think the current chance of being matched with a player is lower than 5% while I have the impression (from chat) that more people are online and playing pvp. My current strategy to prevent a match against a bot is to wait for an opponent for max 10 seconds.

Next to the matchmaking is the score system. I think loosing 100 points vs winning (often) just 10 points is too frustrating. Coulf this be balanced out a bit more?



@Freakpyromaniacs, Thanks for your feedback, I can assure you that the team here is looking into those issues in particular.

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Thanks for inviting me! It is a honor to help you improve the game!

Our pleasure. We’re happy to hear from you!

What we talked about in our Alliance (Arash) is that we really find iT annoying to find a lot of silver grenades for upgrading out heroes!

IT is like 20 times a silver grenades times 25 heroes or more! Even within 10 or 15 games you Maybe find 3! So I think you understand there are a lot of the same campaign levels to play!

Maybe there is a way to change this as Well! Maybe upgrading other fragments to silver grenades or something! Or that we can hit up which fragment we need and really just play for that!


Yes i agree, sometimes it feels that you get penelized for repeating the same quest over and over again. What i noticed is that you should select a campaign map where the silver grenade is avilable, BUT what you are actually collecting are the silver shoulder pads. What happens is that you will get penelized for the silver shoulders, but the drops of the silver grenades go up. This i felt was applicable when both of the items were needed i.e red dot above the item. So basically focus on the maps where the silver grenade isnt the main loot you are after.

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One more thing. At gauntlet mode it feels like next to impossible to finish the 5th mode by the time i grt to the first 5th cache game all of my high level gold heroes are already dead or hevily damaged . It doesnt matter if i use full counter heroes due to the power difference i cant even take a single one of them with me. At the moment the only way to finish cache mode 5 is to invest heavily in gold i.e pumping in irl money. As updates occur on a frequent basis it might be hard to follow the game content as it is released it might be that f2p players will lag a few releases behind. So a rebalancing of the gauntlet mode would be nice for example that the opponenet team is only 1k more than your current power level ( the highest power level combination of your top 5 heroes)


@TeamDrazmor, thanks for your feedback. We have some changes coming to Gauntlet in our next release. I’d like to hear from you after that to see how your experience has changed.

Make it somewhat like the upcoming update. Once you collect elemental fragments you can forge them into any champion of that sort. So if you collect silver items make it possible to craft silver grenades.

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@Dylan_Waterman, thanks for this feedback. We recognize those grenades as a bottleneck and are exploring other ways to get them. It’s something I’m personally looking forward to.

I noticed the News about the new update. Im looking forward to see what the solution is and How iT will take out eitherway. Also Nice to read that gauntlet will get updated.

Maybe we can also see an Alliance ranking or something?!

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Maybe iT is also an idea that we can do more with our money then only paying for evolving and crates!

For now ive got more then 13 million, I dont wanna buy crates, I cant evolve anyone now and if I can iT is not more Than half a million.

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@Dylan_Waterman, wow that’s a lot of Bucks. I’ll mention this to the team and see if there are any ideas on your suggestion.

Thanks Huginn, would like to know if there are any ideas on it!

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I feel like the rewards in such big events like the event now is realy weak… 3 Day Event for Stamina and Skillpoints… If the Rewards is Better like First 3 Alliance get a Hero and such things i be sure the participation of all player is bigger than now!

Greets Vupi FPM

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Me and many others in FPM agree that TEAM MAG SHIELD skill by Phalanx should include herself.

As it now only buffs the other 4 allies, but not herself


Just want to emphasize what dsd said amout phalanx. There are ofcource alot of rebalancing of heroes to be done as the game progress (your prophet shoud be knocked down a peg dsd :slightly_smiling_face: ) But one of the easiest shoudl be to make phalanx shield include her as well. Shes quite week in her self for at front line

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