Fragments issues

To the developers of hero hunters:
I recently got maven to 10 stars and right after I got her to 10 stars they took her out of the gauntlet store. That is a problem because the only way now to get her frags is to do daily solo raids and they only give 3 as oppose to 5 fragments. This make farming frags take longer and frustrating. I hope you guys will fix this issue soon.

Suggestions: (FYI my suggestions are long)

  1. you could add more heroes to the hard mode and fill up those empty slots for example: hard mode 1-2. This will makes adding and removing heroes from hard mode more flexible.
  2. Either you improve solo raid by giving us frags for all heroes depending on the type for the day( for example, Thursday is bio chem; when we win a raid we get at least 5 frags for all the heroes under the faction of bio chem such as maven, moss, heimlock, Phoenix, kaishi etc. OR, you could make a weekly or bi weekly event mode where you cycle through the factions. For example, the first day is UAF factions, the next day is UAF Airborne, and the following day is morlocks, then shoremen and keep going all the way till you get back to UAF again and repeat the process so we can get frags that way.

Thanks for your post.

Hero availability will vary over time. Some Heroes may not be available for a time, and others may move into their place. This is a part of the game.

Thanks for providing some suggestions. We definitely have reasons for every decision we make in regards to game balance and availability, so please don’t be offended if we don’t do the exact things you’re prescribing. Some of those suggestions allow players to basically earn every high powered Hero for free, and aren’t feasible for the life of the game. Still, we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and take a proactive stance towards making the game better.

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That second suggestion actually isn’t too bad, I kinda like it

Thank you for taking the time to read it. I totally understand we don’t want people getting high powered characters basically for free. I just think there should be a more productive way to get these frags because I’ve been playing this game for almost a year (May 2018) and I just recently got maven to 10 stars. Now I’m stuck so it’s a little discouraging. Even if changes aren’t made exactly how I want it, any positive changes will be appreciated because it shows that the developers care.

Trapstarisu, thank you

By that same token, don’t feel that if we don’t put in the changes you want, that we don’t care. We do. There are very specific reasons for everything we do that might not be immediately apparent.

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