About pvp brawls

so portraits from pvp brawl are a big deal here to the community, but not all of us have the ability to play 10 hours a day due to you know… work and other regular stuff that life consists of… so is there a way to make a scoring system that’s based on merit instead of who has the most time on their hands? because that’s what it comes down to, is who can play the longest. we had ONE draft portrait in october 2018 and then they quit that. i just would love to see a pvp scoring system similar to draft where you’re penalized for losing, and hearts isn’t enough cuz i can’t lose all my hearts if i had no reset all 3 days. also, we need to remove kurtz from the pvp tournament. i have kurtz, it’s seriously like game shark. i turn auto on and just watch tv, going match after match. before kurtz that was impossible, but hey i’m just trying to give the normal people a competitive platform they can enjoy. no one enjoys playing kurtz if you don’t have him, i know some of the best pvp players without him who haven’t beat me once since i got him, and i just know it boils their blood.

basically what i’m proposing, is a tournament that kurtz isn’t allowed, and 5 hero teams, and a scoring system based on merit more than time spent playing. and a portrait for that tournament.

oh and please make a way to store team xp… all the team xp i make right now is thrown in the trash, and when the next 5 levels drop it’s going to take a month for level 91 to finish and prob triple for 95. we store hero xp, idk why we don’t make a similar system for hero xp. you guys need a person that actually enjoys this game on the development team, cuz i’m not seeing the love for the game that should be sewn into the fabric of every update. i love the game, just would love to see some ideas that blow us away. AW was a great one at first, the new perks and high HQ boosts ruined it. i mean it’s still fun, just had more fun before the changes. with only 4 attacks a day we don’t have enough gameplay to enjoy the perks, so they really just make it too messy. sorry i really digressed there, please excuse the ramblings of my syphilitic brain. and go watch ari shaffir on driving school, what a great laugh.


I agree, it would be nice to see a regular brawl, or tournament based solely on w/l ratio. Not who can spend the most time, and revive there favorite team the most. I look at the top ranks and think… yep, he/she doesn’t have a full time job, wife or kids. No offense, for this has been the way it is. I’m glad this was mentioned. Spending a full day of pvping brings the word ‘grinding’ to a whole diff level. Not to take away from those that can do this, but even out the playing field for those that can’t…

That would cut down on people actually playing the game. I doubt they would do that. The more they grind pvp/bounty/war more likelihood they’ll spend more money. Also lots of people would t even play if them only having like 5 wins and 10 loses that would affect their ranking They’d get discouraged I know I would. I’ve played couple hours today and am rank 67 so not here to rank

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I don’t understand why portraits are a big deal to anyone. They have zero effect on the game. I can understand why a young child may get excited by a sticker but who else?

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Have you never done anything competitive in life? “I don’t see why receiving an Olympic gold medal is a big deal, maybe for a child”. Recognition of a competitive accomplishment is a pretty universal thing in many facets of life. Being able to display symbols of that accomplishment is also universal. Why would it be different here?