Pvp thoughts and ideas

The pvp event as it stands now is all about who can spend the most time in a three day period playing. Maybe it would be fun to have some shorter events 3-5 hours where it would have a lot more to do with team set up and pvp arena ability


Hey @Gabrael, thanks for the feedback!

One of our goals with the upcoming PvP Brawls is to be able to experiment with some new PvP rulesets. Then, we want to use what we learn with those Brawls to improve PvP Tournaments and make the experience better for everyone.

If you guys have ideas about structure changes that would better reward strong team setup, we would be happy to hear them!


Set matchmaking so that if a hero is more than 1,000 power more than his lowest power teammate he suffers a 20% reduction to his damage output. You need to curtail people fielding one super powered up hero with 4 weak ones.

Smart players are abusing this setup…

Lol… I really like Gabrael’s idea. Even the game was created a year ago and he was able to free play it. Ofcourse all Americans will be happy to get 3-5 hours fights with 200k+ points each battle and same time all other world will suffer, because they are playing a month and won’t be able to do anything with the ranks. Also 3-5 hours which time? USA day time? No, thanks, I’m not going to play tournaments at night, while it’s a sunny day in the US. Unfair idea.

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