Kurtz - Devs


You closed the topic and never responded.
Are you aware of how unbalanced PVP is with Kurtz?
Are you planning on fixing it?

All they have to do is place a low power hero in lineup and roll w Kurtz till teammate dies and then Kurtz kills your whole team. And that is what 99% of them do. They may still lose but the ones that do were losing before they had Kurtz, they just aren’t any good at PVP. I refuse to believe you don’t see this.

I realize some of you don’t have the power I do so you never face Kurtz teams but at my level Kurtz is every other match. Luckily 9/10 players who have him are just horrible at PVP. But it really is ruining the game. And it’s a slap in the face to those of us who spent good money and put in a ton of time. I’m Vip 15 so I’ve done my part to support this game, all I’m asking for is a response.

These are fair questions.


A couple of points:

  1. Continuously pinging devs is a no-no. If you don’t get a response, do not spam us. We’ve said this many times, but we can’t respond to everything everyone asks on the forum. Our primary job is to make the game. We engage with you guys as much as we can to foster a healthy community, but if you don’t get a response, don’t take it personally and get angry. Your VIP level makes you a valued member of the community, and grants you several benefits in-game, which you can view in your VIP menu. It does not entitle you to direct responses for your questions from the devs.

  2. Your questions are leading questions. If I say yes, then I’m admitting Kurtz is unbalanced. If I say no, I’m admitting ignorance. We don’t answer leading questions. Instead, try phrasing your displeasure in a different way. For starters, remain calm. We can understand your frustration, but the problem here is that you’re losing to Kurtz. Getting mad at the developers won’t solve that issue. Focus on the problem in a calm, concise manner, and tell us about your experience (like you have here in your second paragraph, minus “I can’t believe you don’t see this”) and we’ll investigate.

You’re upset. We get that. Getting angry at us about something happening in-game makes it harder for us to work with you. We can’t discuss potential balance changes before they happen, just as we can’t discuss any upcoming content before it happens for many reasons. Trust that if something is a problem, we’re investigating ways to handle that issue, but things won’t always be lightning fast.

Thanks for your report!