About some heroes

*Is Richter’s weapon a sonic cannon?Why is it called tremor assault rifle as if it’s supposed to be classified as assault rifle?

*Hardscope’s has a designated marksman rifle,right?
But what about Keel’s marksman rifle?It’s not a designated marksman rifle,is it?Isn’t it a semi-automatic rifle similar to M1 Garand and Kel-tec RFB?
(In a video,Keel’s marksman rifle was classified as assault rifle while Hardscope’s marksman rifle was classified as sniper rifle)

*Salvatore’s grenade launcher shoots non explosive shells,right?
(It’s said that in real life,grenade launchers are always meant to be explosives and that they are not effective with non explosive shells)

*Could we say that Harbringer’s weapon(Stinger) is a nanogun?
(The design of her weapon looks close to the one of Salvatore’s grenade launcher)
(I confused her weapon to a non explosive grenade launcher)

*Aren’t there heroes who has semi-automatic rifles in the assault rifle category?

I don’t think u need to talk about this again since there was replys in your previous posts.

Ah ok sorry people complained yesterday that i did too many posts and that I shoud write again these in one post

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