Weapon classification and hero suggestion

Why aren’t these heroes’weapons classified as special?
-Baron’s minigun:it’s classified as light machine gun
-Nightingale’s railgun:it’s classified as sniper rifle
-Sentry’s coilgun:it’s classified as sniper rifle
-Halloway’s gauss cannon:it’s classified as assault rifle
-Phalanx’s plasma cannon:it’s classified as assault rifle

Could these heroes be possible in Hero Hunters:
-Particle cannon hero
-Microwave cannon hero
-Airgun hero
-Rivet gun hero
-Antimatter gun hero
-Centrifugal gun hero
-Combustion light gas gun hero
-Light gas gun hero
-Plasma-powered cannon hero

Sometimes things are called a certain way and we just don’t question the game logic.

If you have suggestions/ideas for a hero concept, you can make one. Some folks go into great detail to give them a background and design and some just keep it simple. If you use images, make sure you site them.


Barons minigun is technically not an LMG but this is video game logic for you.
A railgun and a coil gun are the same idea, just with different execution of said idea, but it’s still not accurate enough at mid to close range to be anything BUT a sniper rifle.
Halloways gun is just a gun, unless you mean the gauss cannon from halo, then yes it should not be an assault rifle
Phalanxes gun is a gorgon plasma RIFLE. And most energy heroes in the game have plasma weapons.

I have spoken.

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Oooh ok thanks for telling me the informations

Treat the types as “weapon functions like.” They’re analogs, not exacts.

Also, gun types and classes in real life are all made up, anyway. Everything is made up. Have fun with it.

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Don’t question the game logic. Even scientist can’t defy the game logic.
They are the creator so let them do the judgement… Guns are Guns. Period…

– The chosen one

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Ah ok thanks for telling me

Thanks about what you told me

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