Heroes with special guns

In Hero Hunters,don’t people want to see?:
-A magnetic cannon hero
-A particle cannon hero
-A microwave cannon hero
-A pneumatic gun hero
-An antimatter weapon hero
-A plasma-powered cannon hero
-A light-gas gun hero
The guns of those characters should be classified as special

Every gun is special and unique. Some games already have variety of guns that can do special things (like a sniper that shoots fast and increases damage if you don’t miss)

Ah ok thanks for the informations

According to the game.
I guess harbinger has special gun type
I don’t guess there is anyone else

Those all sound cool :+1:

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Oro, richter, Salvatore, and harbinger have special type weapons. A nuclear cannon, a sonic cannon, and grenade launchers respectively.

Ah ok thanks for telling me the informations

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