About stamina refills

whenever i purchase a stamina refill it will delete the stamina i already had. i can purchase multiple refills fine, but the first refill has always been hit or miss when it comes to the stamina i’ve earned over time. lately it’s been every purchase, and it’s usually only 10-50 stamina but it’s been happening everytime lately and just wondered if devs were aware of this issue or if anyone else has experienced this. that’s all, thanks for reading. now that i know muninn reads every one of these posts i feel extremely bad for making him read ALL my previous rants lol, so thank you for enduring those cuz i’m not sure you could pay me enough to read all that crap

You know what his response will be “contact support they can’t do much about it in the forums”

When you purchase Stamina, you get a flat amount added to your current total. Nothing is “erased.” If you have details, send them to support, as I can’t access your account or discuss specifics in public.

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