Stamina Videoes

First let me say i appreciate the chance to get free stamina by watching videos/movies. They’ve changed in the past weeks or so to where you watch the video, then wait 5 seconds, then have to press an arrow button, close another window that pops up, wait like 3 more seconds, then you can close the ad. Doesn’t happen with all ads, but with a majority of them.

Are these something other game developers are providing that is out of your hands, or is it something that you (DECA) controls? Its a bit overkill IMHO. I realize i don’t have to watch the videos but hey, free stamina.

Lets see if ive covered everything for the trolls…

  • Posting feedback in the feedback section, check
  • Positive and respectful feedback, check
  • Didn’t post to Discord (omg i should be banned. Not everyone uses discord). Failed on this one.

Probably missed something and I’m sure someone is just waiting to pounce on my topic to let me know how stupid it was to post this. What kind of community is this where I have to justify my post. Criminy.


I watch the videos for stanima as much as possable as u said its free stanima
The videos had an issue once when hot head ran the game and they replyed with the videos are not ran by hot head and couldnt resolve the issue themselves

When u used to be able to leave and get the reward early, it was a APPLE, but not hero hunters, especially since leaving the video early shouldn’t even give the reward (I will miss it but we all have no life so why not just watch them like we are suposed to?)

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