About the Gilded Crate

Hi devs. Just curious, are there more gilded crate exclusive heroes upcoming? And are you planning to make Commando and Lancer available in other crates? Just curious.
P.S. Does Kaishi have an extra drop increase in the gilded crate? Why is it that i opened it 6 times and got him 3 times?

Havnt got lancer or commando from it yet, opened it every chance i could. Saved up over 3000 bio frags, waiting for the day i finally get lucky. Tired of watching everyone else get lucky. Not having lancer is killing my top team

I asked that question in augest when commando was announced. From the reply I’d be suprised if they are keep in gilded for ever. My guess is up to 5 exclusive heros in gilded at a time then oldest will rotate to hero chest and stores so a new ones can be added. I also suspect every 2-3 months a new gilded will be released so if my gult is correct likely about 6 months to a year after they launch they will be in hero chest and feature chests.

Kashi has a higher drop rate, as does all the other heros launched since January.

Yeah, I’ve opened it like…6 or 7 times and haven’t gotten lancer or commando either. Given how hard (or expensive) it is to buy the gilded coins, it’s a littttle stingy for them to be so hard to get.

Olha eu ali no print hehehehehehehehehe to famoso